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  1. Stormy_RN

    Nurse Competencies

    Interesting...and you use it for all of your mandatory annual trainings as well?
  2. Stormy_RN

    do you have the best?

    Working for an organization that truly values its employees. When you are appreciated by your facility and given the resources you need to do your job, everything else is cake.
  3. Stormy_RN

    Any exp. with demanding pay increases

    yikes. I was lucky because at my last position they paid us 25% of our hourly wage for call. As far as negotiating-good luck if you do not have a union to back you up....
  4. Stormy_RN

    Nurse Competencies

    Ok my facility is currently in the process of updating how we document and store our nurse competencies. We are trying to make it more streamlined and accessible. Does any one have ANY knowledge of a system/software (or anything!!!) that will allow electronic storage of nurse competencies? We are looking to have our completed staff competencies scanned and uploaded-somewhere....The point is to be able to access copies of any given competency for any given employee since paper copies have a way of disappearing... If you work in a VA facility I would really be interested in how you accomplish standardization/storage of your comps.. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1