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Hello, I am a nurse with bipolar disease I have been a stay at home mom for several years, and would now like to return to work. What are the odds that someone will hire me? I would like part time evening job, and to work... Read More

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    Welcome back!!
    I think you will find yourself in good company....!
    I think it would probably benefit you to take a refresher course..most of the community colleges offer them...the one here in my city lasts 8 weeks. I have a friend who just finished it-for reasons similar to yours and she loved it. She is now happily back to work after 5 years....
    I don't think you should divulge anything about your bipolar to any potential employer...or any actual employer for that is not relevent to any interview long as you are medicated and well controlled, it is none of their business. It is confidential. If you are asked why you haven't been's because you have been a stay at home mom...not because you have bipolar disease. That doesn't have to be mentioned. The odds of someone hiring you are just as good as anyone else getting hired!
    SO come one out...It's time
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