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  1. I keep hearing that "non bedside " jobs are out there, but I can't seem to find any in my area. It it regional? Does it have anything to do with the volume and amount of hospitals in a given area? I look at insurance companies and pharmaceutical, who say ok to the nursing degree, but then say they want a "proven track record in sales 5 years or more" so that is out.
    So my question is- has anyone gotten non- nursing jobs with no other experience? How did you find these jobs? Did you have to move out of the area you were in?Did you find/answer ads in local newspapers? What needs to be done to get these jobs, even if I could find them?Any thoughts? Thanks
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  3. by   mudd68
    I recently switched departments after working 2 years of acute care/tele, RN (rotating 12 hours shifts) and 5 years of LTC/Rehab/hospice as an LPN. The area I am now working in is telehealth/triage nursing. I started at the end of February. With the new healthcare laws this area is considered to be "up and coming." Hospitals are going to have to find a way to absorb these new patients and we all know that ER's are not the most cost effective way to do it. Many hospitals are opening or expanding their call centers. Some companies even allow telehealth triage from home. Just a thought. It is not a totally stress free job ... but it is an alternative and I like it so far. It was a requirement that I had 2 years med surg experience. But between my RN and LPN, they were satisfied that I could perform the job. You do need strong assessment and communication skill since you can't see or touch you patient. You also need excellent documentation skills. Good luck!

    Here's a couple links for additional info
  4. by   brenda52165
    I have worked as a remote medical analyst for the past 4 years. It is a PRN job and I work from home on my computer. I have been an RN for 20 years and a paralegal for 9 years. I have also had several jobs working in law firms so you might look in that area of nursing if looking for non-bedside. Also, working in assisted living is not bedside care. You work in an office and oversee the care of the residents and supervise the caregivers. Just a couple ideas for you. I have also done that type of nursing recently [ALF and homehealth]. Once you get out of acute care though, it is very difficult to return as most places require 2 years recent acute care experience. Be sure of what you want. You may need to advance your degree and go into admin...make it a long term goal. Good luck and remember, in nursing, there are so many things you can do. And, yes, it is somewhat regional. Check before you move. I moved from midwest to PNW where they had never heard of legal nurse consultants.
  5. by   sameyjaney
    Are you open to a plastic surgery/dermatology type position? Some of those places have RNs on staff. You would just have to figure out where those facilities are in your area and go to their website to see if they have RNs on staff. Also any clinics in your area would be good to look at. School nursing is an idea too. You would go to your county's education service district website for that. Also, case management is an option.
  6. by   RLeeRN
    Have you considered working as an RN in an office (for example some RNs coordinate patient cases for a Doc from the office, teaching etc). Also, most hospitals have small teams of RNs who deal with areas like infection control statistics, education etc.
  7. by   LACA
    I'm an elementary school nurse with background history in home health and doctor's offices. I've never stepped foot in a hospital as an employee besides nursing school clinicals.
  8. by   canchaser
    I just got a job in CDMP. Clinical documentation management program. I read Medicare charts making sure the physician documentation matches billing.
  9. by   Blackheartednurse
    Home Health care, I'm not sure I want to work in a hospital (maybe for insurance only and benefits)
  10. by   martymoose
    Thanks for all the replies/suggestions. I am beginning to think that it is regional, and most of the jobs listed in the ads are all hospital or NH settings where I am located.

    I have yet to see an ad for a private doctor office. I have seen an ad for a surgicenter , but they wanted certification as a CNOR.

    Oh well, I guess I'll keep looking.
  11. by   canchaser
    I'm not so sure you can find a free standing doctor office anymore. Most of the md's at my hospital have joined the hospital in one way or another. Have you checked for your area? Search telenursing, documentation nurse. This might give you some leads.