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I just got a call stating that I am on unpaid suspension because of a drug waste discrepancy. I had a shift consisting of 4 (count 'em 4) confused, agitated men swinging at us and trying to get out... Read More

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    I got a complaint sent to the BON about me, and just heard back like 2 days ago. I worked the ER as the only RN, and had to give narcotics and waste them. So to waste I had to go to the other end of the building to find another RN and do the deed. I didn't think that was safe, leaving my patient without a nurse for that period of time, so I'd save the narc for the AM and waste with the oncoming shift.

    Well about once every 6 months I'd forget to waste the leftover, and would be written up. The med was there, with a patient's sticker on it, and they could pull the chart and find out how much I gave and how much was left etc. OR, they could call me back in to do it- I was willing to come back if I forgot, but they never did that, I just got written up.

    So I told all this to the BON, explaining all the suggestions I had that could fix the problem, lots of alternatives, and how I would remind myself, how the same situation was dealt with on other shifts, and the BON closed the complaint without action. Apparently they accept that nurses are unable to teleport or to midread (!). I also had sent several inquiring letters to the BON about their rules when I got the first few writeups, and enclosed the correspondence I had with my manager talking about alternatives. I suggest anyone having issues with their workplace write to clarify their position, just for documentation's sake. Acknowledging a problem and trying to find a solution doesn't happen unless it's documented. That documentation can save your butt when the BON gets involved.

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