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Hello everyone, I'm a new grad. I've been hearing about the shortage of nursing jobs for quite a while so I started sending in my application & resume a month before graduation. I've sent probably about 30 resumes to any &... Read More

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    Congrats on all your hard work and finally getting a job!!! It's been 3 months as a jobless new grad for me as well. Things are starting to look up though. I just got accepted into an unpaid RN internship and now have a med/surg interview coming up for a PAID RN position.

    Thanks for the great tips! How many letters of recommendation do you think is enough? I have 4 of them...should I give all 4? I have more than enough originals...I asked all of my references to print out like, 10 copies each haha! I've been preparing and keeping positive thoughts in mind. Any other advice? Although, I think you pretty much covered everything! I'm a little worried about nursing scenario/meds questions and am brushing up on those...

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    wow that is a really awesome interview summary!
    thanks for sharing

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