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    So, I was next on the list to go to day shift on my unit. I accepted without reservation (have always wanted days, just knew I needed to wait my turn). I feel like an entirely different person, feel like "me" again. Cheerful, optimistic again, more quality time off, time to spend with my husband. It's great! I made the best of it before, but still always felt tired no matter how much sleep I got.

    Didn't take any time to adjust at all. Felt better immediately. I knew this would happen since whenever I took vacation time before for just a week off, I felt normal during that week. I loved who I worked with on nights, and will miss them, but the day people are cool, too, and it's awesome that when I get 3 days off, I actually have 3 whole days off.

    Either way, it's a day off! The birds are chirping, and it's beautiful! A month ago, I would have said, "Ugh, stupid birds. Just start raining so I can sleep."

    I will say: If you're wondering whether or not you need a change of shift or new job, wait for the change of shift at your job first. Feeling rested on days off makes a huge difference on one's outlook on just about everything. I will also say: new nurses new to ICU? It's best to start on night shift so you can learn. I think most new nurses would drown on day shift on my unit, and that's probably the case for other units, as well.
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    :: doing the happy dance for GMG::

    Welcome to the land of the living!
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    Thanks, Grn Tea! Day life is pretty awesome. The sun shines a lot here, so it's nice to be able to see it .
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    I tried day shift for 7 months - because I thought I would feel better. I sleep worse, and the frustration level is through the roof. Going back to nights as soon as I can!

    I am glad I did it, though. I miss the shift premium too, although at this point - they would have to pay me a premium to stay on the light side!

    Glad it is working out for you =-)
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    Congrats. I rotated and then worked straight nights for years, and recently started working straight days. While I enjoyed nights, I didn't realize how much it was messing up my life until I started working days. Being able to see my husband (a M-f 9-5 guy) every night is amazing
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    Awesome!!!! Congrats!!! Enjoy your days.
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    I'm so glad there are people like you who want to go to day shift. I despise working days! I think part of what got me my new job is that when the panel asked if I was ok working nights I said "I don't do days." and they all said almost in unison "We don't either." I haven't started yet, but I think I will like my new team!
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    Enjoy your new shift!
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    Thanks guys! There are both day and night people, so that's what's good about health care, the ability to choose our shift (once experienced enough to do so). Most people start on nights (because most experienced people don't want to work straight nights), but there are some that do, and some just do it so they can see their children more and be home to get them off the bus, etc.

    Hope ya'll had a good Wednesday, and if you were working, hope it was a good shift! (Sometimes good is relative, isn't it? )
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    On June 6th I will be leaving the dark side to join the ranks of the sun seekers. I am excited and hesitant in the same breath. I have always loved nights, I really am a night owl. I wake up when everyone else is going to sleep. I don't do mornings unless I'm already up , but I recently had some time off between jobs and realized the idea of a day shift seemed intriguing, especially with weekends. I always hated having to work Friday into Saturday on my off weekends, because I lost most of my Saturday. Even though I still had Sunday, most everyone was winding down getting ready for work on Monday and here I was ready to go. I also hated that my day off during the week, wasn't really a day off. The only reason I considered this day position is because it's only 5 miles from my home, it's an 8-hour shift and I don't have to get up at a ridiculous hour...I think I can manage that (I hope!).
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