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Hello all, So here is my dilemma: New grad RN and looking for a job!!!!!! Sound like a broken record, I'm sure. I just received my license in the mail (woo hoo!). I live in Chicago and would like... Read More

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    I was told to apply everywhere, even if it's BSN preferred/1 year preferred. As long as it's not required you are in the clear. I don't graduate for another 10 weeks, but I'm dreading this whole process. I'm also only going for a Diploma for now. It's really frustrating because I need a job...yesterday. What about doc's offices? I saw a post once where someone just started faxing her resume to every doctor in the area and ended up landing a job that way. You never know! Good luck!!!!!

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    Quote from chicagostudentnurse
    EmergencyRN- As HarStarr stated, they require BSN holders as well.
    Sorry, I mistakenly misread your OP as having a BSN; in that case, I can now appreciate the depth of your dilemma. However, all is not lost. There is such a thing known as the STRAP program, which the military uses to help train civilian doctors and nurses, but in return, the graduates are obligated service for a few years. I recall having read of others in this forum using it to get their BSNs while getting paid for it as they do it; upon completion, they get their BSNs and are then commissioned as officers. I don't know the specifics and if it would help you. But here's the link and you can find out for yourself:


    At any rate, good luck to you!

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