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  1. HarStarr

    Going Backwards

    If I can respond for Amarilla in my reply, I'd say it's harder in NJ because facilities ask so much of new grads. Hospitals want 3-5 yrs experience in North NJ (near NYC); agencies don't have the capacity to train new grads, so they can't send you on jobs; nursing homes, SNF, adult day cares want 1-2 yrs experience; doctor's offices are never hiring (who would leave those jobs); to get a foot in any door you've "gotta know somebody"; and to top it all off everyone wants a nurse with a BSN, not an ADN (like me). I don't think it's only in NJ but the combination of all situations (and I'm sure I'm leaving things out) makes it tougher in NJ. Plus, people here are just generally rude. There is no time to help a newbie out; it's all business. I got a callback once from someone in FL. Although she was quite clear in not wanting to hire me, she stayed on the phone with me to tell me why she called, what she thought I should try, and wished me luck. I never got that from anyone in NJ; not before or since.
  2. HarStarr

    Going Backwards

    This has always been my downfall. I lack confidence & I'm scared to ask for help. The whole "dealing with humans" aspect of nursing terrifies me even more. People expect you to have all the answers when your a nurse; I don't feel I have any answers. I get in, do the practical part of the job but I can't relate or communicate with patients and/or their families. This issue goes well beyond nursing. I think I just need therapy.
  3. HarStarr

    Going Backwards

    I've been considering a refresher course since I graduated nursing school but could never afford it (not exactly making nursing money, or any money right now). I'm just grasping at straws now. I'll keep looking everywhere for anything, then when I can afford it I'll take some courses before moving on to my BSN.
  4. HarStarr

    Going Backwards

    Thanks everyone 4 ur replies & support. I really appreciate it.
  5. HarStarr

    Going Backwards

    I've been an RN in NJ for 2 years now. I've had a 3 nursing jobs totaling 6 months experience. I worked at a summer camp last year & "mutually separated" from my employer 2 weeks before camp ended. I gave flu shots last Fall (seasonal position). Most recently, I worked as a Circulating Nurse in a surgi-center. I was terminated after only 2 months with the reasons being "resistant to autonomy", "complaints from staff", "poor attitude". I was completely blind-sided, as I constantly received positive feedback from the staff on how well I was doing. I got the position from the high recommendations of a patient at a previous (non-nursing) job. However, I also felt pressure to work independently when I did not believe I was prepared to do so. Therein lies my problem; I lack confidence. I don't believe I have the knowledge or experience to be an RN. I've been toying with the idea of moving out-of-state and/or doing something other than nursing but I really don't want to. I love the profession (still hate NJ, though) but I think this lack of confidence will haunt me in any position I'm lucky enough to get. I want to start from scratch & become a CNA but haven't heard of anyone going backwards. I would like to know if I would have to go through a training program. Can I work before testing? What is the practical part of the test like? Will I be able to hold both licenses simultaneously? A professor once told me I put my RN license in danger when working "below" it; is that true? I'm truly at a loss. Any comments or advice would be helpful.
  6. Idaho's fee is $110 (+ $25 for a temporary) & if ur state participates in NURSYS (license verification), that's $30.
  7. HarStarr

    Settling for less

    Thx Ashley! I've tried everywhere. I actually got hired at a camp but I can't afford to go b/c my current job just cut hrs & camp don't pay until the end. Anyway, I'm not big on networking. I'm very shy & none of my fam has any medical connections (we hardly even go to the Dr.). One good thing about the cut is now I have the time to fill out apps in-person & make phone calls.
  8. HarStarr

    Settling for less

    I'm getting desperate! I graduated in 12/2009 with an ADN, I've been licensed for 8 months & am still looking for work. I got my 1st interview a couple months ago & have had only one other since. I know others have been looking for way longer & some people's situations are way worse than mine. However, I'm not being picky & am willing to travel/relocate (actually would love to relocate) and don't understand why it's taking so long. I understand that I ONLY have my associate's, I'm not part of any nursing orgs & I haven't taken ACLS/PALS (yet!). I want to do all of that but I need to make nursing $$$. I by no means went into nursing for the money, but being a nurse is expensive! So, my question to you is...Should I take a job as a PCA/nursing assistant or something lesser than RN? I had a professor advise against it in nursing school but I'm itching to get back to patient care! Please help!
  9. HarStarr

    Should I become ACLS or PALS certified?

    Only good if u have ur BSN, right?
  10. HarStarr

    Reality Check for Nursing Hopefuls

    Where do you live? It's been 2 years since I've graduated, I'm itching to get back in the hospital.
  11. HarStarr

    Reality Check for Nursing Hopefuls

    In which state? I would relocate for work!!!
  12. HarStarr

    What types of questions to ask during an Interview?

    I'm a (not so) new grad who just got hired for a camp nurse position in PA. I'd like to know how your 1st camp experience was & have you/are you planning on going back?
  13. HarStarr

    New RN grad looking for ANY experience....please help!

    The military requires BSN. I looked into that too.
  14. HarStarr

    For new grads looking for their first job

    I don't think it's what you know or how much experience you have anymore. It's WHO you know. Many of my classmates have found jobs thru the connections they made during nursing school. Stupid me was too busy trying to pass.