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Hi I'm a new RN and I was recently hired at an acute setting in October 2010. In the past three months, I have made two medication errors and my DON told me the third one will be up for termination?... Read More

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    the doctor isn't giving the meds, and he isn't there to check up on you essentially he is there to see the patient.

    they are ALL honest mistakes!! we never want to or purposely give meds wrong. honest or not med errors suck but they do happen for we are all human.
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    Quote from carolmaccas66
    Whoa! Now I'm more confused and curious!
    The Unit Secretary can take your med chart and write down an order? What does THAT mean? And why is she doing that?
    This does not sound like a good system. If people are adding stuff onto charts all the time, they should at least be TELLING YOU
    , ie: putting it down on the handover tape, or telling you face to face. No wonder you are missing things! You need to have a meeting with your NM I think - this does not sound like a safe system to me.
    Also I meant to say, get a cheat sheet (or make one up) with the patient's names & room number down one side and times (each hour of work) up the top and list all your meds at those times, procedures to be done, etc. I highlight meds in red then cross them off after I'm done - that can help you as well.
    This is why I check my MARs many, many times throughout the shift. Our unit clerk can toss a new med on my MAR without me knowing it. Sometimes she walks up to my desk and does it.

    So you must Check those MARs all the time!

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