NEW JOB!!! what have I gotten myself into.....

  1. I recently was hired to work for aetna as a case management RN. I don't have formal case management experience (as in the actual job title) from any other jobs but at my current job I do A LOT of case management duties.

    I have been at my current job several years so starting somewhere else is scary but it is something I must do.

    It'll be an in office non traveling position. Can someone give me advice on how ti prepare? Is aetna a good company to work for? Tell me everything please, even the bad!
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  3. by   netglow
    I'd search the net too. Look at,, forums, and look for your position among the entries and see what is said. Usually you can tell who is nuts and who has a legit beef.

    Never been one, but case management for insurers has to do with you being one of the gatekeepers of the company's money - whether that be that the patient will be allowed/denied tx or continued tx, or that the patient's providers are suggesting tx that is "accepted" for the patient's condition.

    Search allnurses as well for threads dealing with case management.
  4. by   HouTx
    CE Direct (used to be NurseWeek) had a great multi-part online course in Case Management. I don't know if they still have it, but our case managers raved about it and used it to train the newbies. I think you can do a personal subscription to that site for ~$5- - $60. Well worth the investment.
  5. by   nursingosaurus
    THANK YOU!!! (tried to post a reply via my phone earlier today) but it evidently didn't go through. I checked out glassdoor and briefly looked at careerbliss......I've browsed through lots of the case management threads and will do so again to see if anything new has been posted.
    I appreciate your suggestions, thanks!
  6. by   nursingosaurus
    CE DIRECT!! thanks, I really appreciate it. I was looking for something along these lines. I am sure it will be very helpful so thankyou very much.
  7. by   mtngrl
    I also work for an insurance company, not aetna though. I am tired of it..I seem to always be the bad guy and telling them things they DON'T want to hear. It seems I make more people upset than actually help them with anything. Maybe it will be different at your job. But the bottom line is, they want to save money.
  8. by   nursingosaurus
    thank you for your perspective, it is appreciated. I am already the bad guy at my job because patients get really mad if they not maintained NPO / having a driver prior to surgery even though they were instructed ahead of time. I've worked with an EXTREMELY frugal person for awhile now so I guess I am used to "omg save money." I hope this place I am going to is not bad though...I am going to keep what you wrote in mind. thanks!
  9. by   nurseprnRN
    If you aren't turned on to the CMSA (Case Management Society of America) do not hesitate to join, hook on to your local chapter, and plan for the national conference in June. Great, great resources. All the CEUs you could ever want, and things for novice through expert.

    (I did case mgmt for insurance for many years-- PM me prn!)
  10. by   kvinnaRN
    Hi imperialsugar,

    I stumbled on this thread when I was looking for discussions for nurse positions at Aetna.
    Are you still working for Aetna? If so, how is it going? I live near one of the offices and am thinking of applying for a either UR or Case Management in the future.
    Thanks for any help!
  11. by   anna.m.duong

    I've been searching for info on case management positions at Aetna. I have seen several of your threads/posts while searching and I see that you used to work in surgery (?). I have been working in the OR for almost 4 years now and am looking for a change. Case management struck my attention and aetna has some openings for telework positions in my area. Do you have an email? I have several questions and it would be greatly appreciated if you could help Thanks!