New Grad Rates for RN's

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    Can anyone help me establish what the current grad rates are for various states/provinces?

    I would really appreciate it- any other input would be great too- such as how wage increases are handled.

    I am interviewing soon for one state- the starting wage is $16.00? How does this stack up?



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    I live in a town in Kansas with approx 20,000 people. I have been told that new grads start at $14.43 plus diff. It may be a little more in the bigger cites (Wichita, Kansas City, etc)

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    In northern california the new grads start btw 18 to 25 depending on where you work.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by JMP:
    [B]Can anyone help me establish what the current grad rates are for various states/provinces?

    Here in Birmingham, depending on where you work, a new grad will start off with $15-$17 plus shift diff.

    Yalonda Ferguson, RN, BSN
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    I got a little over $16 as a new grad.
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    San Francisco Bay Area, California. $24-$28 plus differential.
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    Here in central Florida, I'll be starting at $14.70/h (plus of course shift diff)
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    Remember money isn't anything. The hospitals that are hiring you will offer you the new grad rate- I don't think any place will try to cheat you. But remember that a little extra cash may not be worth it if you don't get a good orientation and have a nice place to work.
    As a new grad in NC I initially got 15.76 and 16.26 at two different facilities. We have a much lower cost of living than CA.
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    I am a nwe grad in Ontario, and I make 20.50 an hr. pluse weekend, shift premiums. I noticed you are from Ontario also. If you go to the CNA web site and click on facts, on the right hand side, you can get a list of provences and min/max rates for hospitals.
    You can ask at Human resources what bonuses are available...some places have sign on bonus's and some have one after two years...
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    keep in mind that the salary you make in each state will vary based upon the cost of living. Here in Southern California a new grad starts at $19 plus shift diff.

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