Networking while in labor

  1. I see a lot of threads are about not being able to find a job, especially today. It makes me think about my Saturday afternoon convo during my babyshower. Many of my nurse friends were complaining about jobs. Although most of them have jobs, a couple of them are trying to get out of their current positions. One of my friends said that the way her hospital has started treating nurses is reprehensible, the work enviroment is horrible. Another friend of mine, an experienced nurse, cannot even get an interview. One friend has been unemployed for 8 months, and recently decided to use her time to go back to college (in which she had to move back in with her mom to do). Of course all of this talk is scary and I say, "Boy, I hope I can find something after I have this baby. When I search online I cannot even find any openings posted." Here in the DMV (DC, MD, Northern VA area), there are so many nurses, the competition for a job is unbearable (even for those of us who have experience). So my friend goes, "Girl, when you're in that hospital having that baby you ask to speak to the nurse manager. Have a conversation with her, get her card, and you give her a call when you leave." I laughed, but I know she was serious. In these desperate times, I think I will take her advice. Would it be weird to network while hospitalized?
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  3. by   RNlovesherPharmD
    Nope, it shows that you are capable of multitasking
  4. by   LuckyinKY
    I say go for it, the might appreciate your moxie!
  5. by   sethmctenn
    I love it
  6. by   steelydanfan
    I had to laugh when I read this, you will have many more important things to think about while giving birth than the state of your career!

    But kudos to all those women that want to try!
  7. by   ibme
    I am not sure if it is the right time to talk to the nurse manager while having a baby..just depends how she interprets it. I say go for it- you have nothing to lose. I would throw in how wonderful your experience has been there etc etc.. and it prompted you to want to work there.. get what I am saying?
  8. by   mawy568
    A friend of mine had a similar situation. After she had her baby, she wrote a great thank you letter to the unit. She contacted the manager and told her that she had such a great experience and was looking to start a career there. I think that is more appropriate to contact them after then while you are still admitted.