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Hi Everyone!!! I'm sure some where on here there is a thread that could answer my question but I surely have not found it yet. I am currently getting my BS in Psychology and then I'm either doing... Read More

  1. by   AndyB
    Grants, scholarships, and then loans. Of course you can always get service cancelable loans or have a hospital sponsor you (you will owe them time or money back). I was able to get a ASN in nursing while keeping my own apartment and only going $10,000 in debt. The main thing is separating necessities versus NICEicities. If you have a smart phone with all the bells and whistles and cable TV with all the channels you need to get your priorities straight.
  2. by   wishfulnurse01
    My priorities are straight! I've been on my own since I was 17 and I've earned everything I have. At one point in time I was working 3 jobs to support myself and my little sister. But thanks for writing!!! Every comment is appreciated.
  3. by   wishfulnurse01
    Honestly, right now with the degree that I have I could go into the workforce and work in a hospital. It's just a psych degree but Nursing has always been my passion. I've checked with several hospitals around my area and they do have some programs where they will pay for me to go. As far as being in debt, if I continued to graduate school I would still in be in debt and have a long road ahead of me. Thanks for you comment though!! I love the different insight!
  4. by   wishfulnurse01
    Oh goodness!! That's good though about the 24 hours!!! I'm nervous about having a huge payment but I just want to be able to pay for school and honest worry about it later!! THanks for giving me an estimate about how much pay!! I really appreciate it!
  5. by   caliotter3
    When I was in nursing school I did not qualify for any financial aid except loans, so I worked full time and as much part time as I could rustle up. When I lost my full time job, I lost my place to live, and stopped going to school, but, I did not have any school debt beyond the school loans which had to be paid, even if I had declared bankruptcy. Plan for contingencies. You never know what will happen.
  6. by   joanna73
    Ideally, try not to spend more than a year's salary for your total debt. That's the rule of thumb anyway.