NELRP 2013 - Who else applied?

  1. This is my first year applying for the NELRP but I have known about it for about 3 years, I just recently got a job at a facility they recognize. I was wondering if anyone here has applied before and is the process really as long as I have been reading on past threads? Oh, and do they tell you why you don't get it if you get denied? I'm just a little nervous because I need this help greatly!
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  3. by   ricki76
    Hi, this is my second time applying for the program, didn't get it last year. It really does take as long as they say, I believe I got my rejection email in September. They don't tell you why you didn't qualify, but I'm sure mine is because I work at a non-DSH hospital and so I'm in tier 4. I don't actually know how many tiers they got to last year but I'm guessing most of the awards were in tier 1 or 2. I have a high debt:income ratio but since I work at a non-DSH I am thinking I'm not super likely to get it this year but it doesn't hurt to apply anyways. I figure I'll keep applying every year until the loans are payed off....

    One thing I noticed is different this year is that they used to not accept loans that had been consolidated, now you can have consolidated loans but they must have been consolidated before the application was submitted.
  4. by   mschyckrn
    Wow! I can't believe they don't tell you why you don't get it. My facility score is 17 and my debt to income is like 145%. I really hope I get it because it will be a help to me and my budget. I also wish you luck this time. Maybe this is your year to get it since they are changing up some things. Just keep trying and no it doesn't hurt to apply each year. Maybe someone will recognize the name and say hey we should give it to this person they are persistant. Good luck!!!
  5. by   EMEddie
    How does this program exaclty work and up to how much can they repay back?
  6. by   AddyRN
    I applied last year & also did not get it, I received my letter the last week in September. From what I heard from all the discussions last year on this blog- people were getting their acceptance emails in August- and make sure you check your SPAM folder! You can also check the status of your application- some people last year said that if it says "Under Review" you're still in the running... if it says "Submitted" after august, it looked like those people did not have as good of luck.
    It was really frustrating to not receive it last year as I work at a DSH hospital & have >200% debt to income - I'm not sure if I filled something out wrong or if they truly didn't have enough funding to go around by the time they got to my application.
    Also, my friend who got accepted into this program & is still receiving funds told me that by the time taxes are taken out, it really doesn't end up being 60% paid back in 2 years. They take a HUGE chunk of it for taxes. Basically, if you have $85,000 & get the 60% paid back in 2 years ($51,000) - expect 30% of it taken out for taxes = $35,700 they will pay you in monthly payments (Approx. $1487.50 monthly). Although I'm sure any one of us could use this!
  7. by   wife&mommyRN
    I am also applying this year & praying I receive the funding. I believe my facility score is a 19 my debt to income ration is 108%. Does anyone know how to check the status of their application. Ever since the deadline passed I haven't been able to locate a link to log-in. 5 months seems so far away
  8. by   CHCRN
    I applied this year. I believe when I did the calculations, it placed me in the top tier, but I don't remember what my debt to income ratio is or the score of the facility I work for, but we're about as rural as rural gets so I think it had the highest score offered.
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  9. by   CHCRN
    Quote from wife&mommyRN
    Does anyone know how to check the status of their application. Ever since the deadline passed I haven't been able to locate a link to log-in. (
    Here you go
  10. by   CHCRN
    Quote from wife&mommyRN
    5 months seems so far away
    Earlier groups had to wait until Sept or Oct. Did they move up the notification deadline?
  11. by   Juliamine
    First year applying, missed last years deadline. No clue what tier I am, I should find out though. Wish you all the best of luck!
  12. by   wife&mommyRN
    Thanks CHCRN!!!!! That link really helps to ease some of my anxiety Notifications are still in Sept/ Oct, but I see many past recipients were notified starting in August (being hopeful
  13. by   wife&mommyRN
    Everytime I try to activate the participant account, it won't let me. Anyone else having this problem?
  14. by   mschyckrn
    I don't think you can access the participant account you have to go to applicant for now. Participant is someone already accepted to the program.