Need nurses opinions. Is this right?? Nursing Dx - page 2

Hi all. I am a nursing student. I was working on my care plan that I turned in for class. It will count as one of the final grades in the class. My nursing instructor told me that my dx of Impaired thought processes related to... Read More

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    We have different instructors who have different things. A lot of our instructors make up their own diagnosis. As they tell us, I don't want you to have to look at the book to know what the diagnosis is, I want you to look at your patient tell me what he needs. Asses your patient, look at his condition, what are his diagnosis, are there other things going on, etc. Make your diagnosis ffrom that, even if it involves a medical diagnosis. Nursing diagnoses are often very obscure. Pain related to MI is suscinct and to the point. The way it should be, everyone here understands that. Pain related to decreased cardiac tissue perfusion as evidenced by coronary artery blockage. Talk about wordy and bulky. No wonder most docs and the average person doesn't take nursing serious.

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