NEED HELP!!!! I am in a nursing research class

  1. Hello, Everyone
    I am enrolled in a nursing research class at UTEP. I am truly struggling in this class because I do not have a clue how to formulate a PICOT question and then write the paper. I believe I am a smart person but, some reason I just can't seem to grasp what I need to do.
    I am looking for some to help guide me and give feedback on my assignments. Your help would truly be appreciate.
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  3. by   CNL2B
    Did you take statistics? Stats is required at most schools before you do research.

    If you didn't, I would look long and hard at whether or not you should drop. Basic stats terminology is likely to be used throughout the course. When I went through my research course, there was a short recap of the ENTIRE statistics course I had taken the previous semester, and that was all you got. If you don't know it, you are gonna have a hard time, or are going to have to bust your butt reading statistic books to catch up on the knowledge you don't have.

    This is all coming from someone that got an A in upper-division stats and and A- in research. I know it's not an easy course -- non-analytical types or people that have a hard time with math sometimes struggle a lot -- at least that is what I saw with my classmates.

    That said, PICOT isn't really heavily based in math. If you understand the concept of it and know what the letters stand for (do you?), you should be able to come up with something.
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  4. by   Carebear RN2
    The class is Nursing research and yes a took a stat course in my undergraduate studies. The class does not focus on stats just how to write a synthesis based paper.
  5. by   nursej22
    You may try scanning some research articles/abstracts to see how they are structured. I am looking a a research article in AJCC: Under methods they list the population, intervention, outcome and timeframe. The comparator is in the lit review section.
  6. by   dln1x0n

    This is an online tutorial that explains how to formulate a PICO question. Good luck!
  7. by   SonorityGenius
    P = Patient Population/Sample: Cardiac surgery patients on a step-down unit
    I = Intervention/Issue of InterestSample: Fentanyl for intraoperative and postoperative pain management.
    C = Comparison Intervention or
    Comparison Group Sample: Morphine for intraoperative and postoperative pain management.
    O = Outcome Sample: In switching from fentanyl to morphine, patients experienced more pain
    immediately after surgery and could recall their extubation experience.
    (T) = TimeSample: One Month.

    hang in there!! Ask the instructor for help after formulating your draft statement! I took Research last semester and at the beginning was freaking out just like you! Got a 94 on my final paper and an A for the class!
  8. by   Ms.RN
    Quote from dln1x0n

    this is an online tutorial that explains how to formulate a pico question. good luck!
    i'll be taking research class in the future and i found information from your website very helpful. thank you!!!! :d :d