NCLEX... I did horrible

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    Well the exam is over and I'm feeling horrible.
    My anxiety got away from me.... I was never even able to keep it under control. At one point one of the exam proctors told me to just relax and read the questions....

    I think I failed... I ended up having about 170 questions.... I couldn't wait for it to be over with.......

    Its stupid for me to ask if anyone failed with this amount of questions......

    I'm soooo down right now.......and I feel like a cat on a hot tin roof.....


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    I would hold off on that self hatred. Everyone who takes the NCLEX thinks they failed. 170 doesn't sound bad, I thought it went to 300 for some people. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.
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    There is a graduate nurse forum on this BB if you would like to share your concerns with others who have recently passed through the NCLEX experience. (At least those who survived the experience will be there.)
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    Relax, everyone feels this way after the NCLEX. There is so much pressure surrounding the test. I just took the NCLEX this month and passed and I felt the same way you feel. The thread I posted is at the Graduate nurse forum mentioned above.
    I think the NCLEX stands for NAUSEA,CONFUSION,Lingering EVERY moment until finding out the X-- which is the unknown "Did I pass?"
    How long do you have to wait for results in your state? I found out 2 days later.
    Good Luck, relax and try not to worry. I know alot of people pass with this many questions.
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    I took (and passed) the NCLEX almost a year ago, and there was no set number of questions given that assured passing or failing. I know a girl who failed at 75 (minimum), one that passed at 265 (maximum) and many who passed and failed at all sorts of numbers in between.

    The test is supposed to get to the highest level that you answer 50% of the questions right. If you can answer 50% of the highest level questions right, you will pass. It may take some people only 75 questions to get there, others may take 90 or 120 or even the full amount. So if you're only supposed to get 50% of the questions right, that means you'll get 50% of the questions wrong. That's probably why you feel anxious about your result. You know you didn't answer all the questions right. I remember after I took the test, I went home and looked up some of the things I was unsure of and found I had missed them. I was a wreck until I got my results.

    Try to relax, and be happy that we get results much faster these days (back when many of my co-workers took it, they had to wait three months after taking a two-day pencil and paper test with all the other graduates around the state).
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    Im sorry this was such a horrible experience for you. If your anxiety did cause to to not pass yet remember this: it took a lot of failed attempst to invent a sucessful light bulb, but the inventor took the attitude that he had just not suceeded yet. He said something to the effect that he had dicovered ways that he should not do it. So that he was now aboe to eleminate those ineffective methods Sorry as stupid as it sounds I can't remember right know who it was.

    I can't remember who invented the light bulb and every school child knows it. We all forget stuff especially under pressure. If do this again learn and practice some relaxation skills first. You have what it takes. You will get it eventually. Besides you probably passed.
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    Relax! Everyone feels like they failed. I had a terrible anxiety attack during my test and I ended up passing. If you prepared and did your best then you have nothing to worry about.

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    It's over. Try to start to let go and nuture yourself. You did the best you could do at that moment in time.

    The # of questions doesn't mean a thing, people pass with 170 questions too.
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    Ohhh I hope everything turns out alright for you!! I am sure that you will make a brilliant nurse no matter what your exam says!!!
    All the best and TAKE CARE!!!!!
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    Chin up!

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