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Hey, Im 14 and a freshman (highschool) im doing a HOSA competition, Career Health display and i need some help with research. I need to know if : 1) is there a navy nurses creed? 2) is there a age limit for navy nurses?... Read More

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    Being in the navy, i'll tell you real quick that ur attitude will not be tolerated! Not even from a recruiter and basic will definately not take it! To be a navy nurse, it requires you to be an officer. Officers have to be nominated based on moral and high standards. They do not just let you join. Especially if you shows signs of selfishness or a bad attitude! An officer position is VERY hard to obtain and they are rarely accepting new candidates.
    Yes, there is a naval nurse creed, maximum age for an officer is 31, starting salary for an officer is 2,745 mo. But you also receive a BAH which a couple hundred dollars more depending if you are married or have children.
    Best websites are and facebook has a page called women redifined that is awesome, but if you show bad attitude towards people on there, the chiefs will report you and take note of who you are! Ive seen it happen to people!
    Good luck!

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    OP is *14* years old. 14. Two or three years out of elementary school. Cut him/her a little slack, folks.
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    I have a 14 y/o daughter and if she every asked someone for help and then showed the unappreciative, rude attitude that this one showed.....the navy recruiter would look like a kitty cat compared to her momma. If children are not stopped in their tracks with attitudes like this, these attitudes and lack of self reliance will persist into adulthood.
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    Quote from BluegrassRN
    OP is *14* years old. 14. Two or three years out of elementary school.
    All the more reason to be blunt and direct about the inappropriateness of OP's response.
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    stormy your really owe WTBCA an apology..that would show some maturity..if you cant, then dont ask questions....

    cutting no daughter is the same age, and she better not be rude to adults.not acceptabe at all!
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    I think this thread needs to RIP.
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    OP has received the answers she requested.

    Thread will be closed now.

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