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Yesterday was a busy day and I had two patients who took a lot of my time and I needed a lot of orders for both of them. A young doctor I didn't know well was covering for one of the docs, and after he listened to me describe... Read More

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    Great post! And made me smile to be reminded there are, indeed, nice Drs out there. I know there are - but sometimes it takes just one bad one to take front center in your mind - Like the Dr I had to work with for a year, who would....accidentally...brush his arm across my ... chest....mind you, accidentally of course.....and then make a flippant comment like...."Trying to keep abreast of things..."
    I was a new nurse - but...not a new female - but feeling powerless at that moment. Jerk...

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    People frequently come to ER for constipation. Some end up with perforated bowels. It ain't funny or pretty.

    Back to topic: we have several docs who are jewels. We are not a training hospital but I have no trouble getting docs to teach the nurses about new procedures and expectations. 15 min inservices can make a HUGE difference in patient care.
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    Back in the day, when I worked in a large county hospital, the doctor in charge of the Medical ICU was legendary for his insistence that interns (that's what we called first-years then) and residents treat the nurses with professional respect. He had this speech that he gave to all of the new `terns on their first day. It was the same speech every year. The part I remember most went as follows: "The nurses in my ICU are valuable professionals, and each of you WILL treat them as such at all times. Remember, interns are a dime a dozen, and I can replace any one of you easily. Good nurses, on the other hand, are uniquely essential to the care of our patients. Do not EVER let me hear that you treated one of them with anything but respect!"

    And, he meant it. And the interns obeyed him because they had been told by the seniors that he meant it. Needless to say, any of the nurses in the Medical service would walk barefoot over burning coals for this doc, and say "thank you" for the privilege. And, his patients always received superb nursing care. Physicians are smart people. Why do so few of them get this?
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    young docs , god bless, they come in so sweet, kind and caring, eventually they (almost) all turn into tyrannical dinosaurs
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    the post was about doctors with manners and respect for nurses, not what nurses do or don't do. You obviously don't work the floor any more, proably an administrator or you work 1 on 1 with a specialty doctor. Nurses deserve any credit they get, long hours, underpaid and often underappreciated. For all hard working clinical setting nurses, back off
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    a beautiful redhead goes to the doctor.
    "doctor it hurts wherever i touch myself.
    the doctors says "what? Show Me"
    She touches her arm with her finger "oooooooo" she says painfully
    the doctor says "hmm, show me something else"
    she touches her shoulder "oooooooo" again
    "ok" says the doctor "keep showing me"
    she touches her arm "oooooo",
    she touches her knee "oooooo"
    she touches her side "ooooooo"
    finally she touches her head "ooooooo" again sounding like she is in excruciating pain
    "ok" the doctor says, let me ask you a question "are you a natural redhead?"
    "no" she says "i'm a blonde"

    the doctor says "you have a broken finger"

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