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I need a little support. I'm a fairly new nurse, just under a year and I made my first error on my shift last night. At my hospital, the nurses aide will collect vital signs and blood glucose... Read More

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    The almost exact same thing happened to me. My aide reported a BS to me, but it was for A bed, not B Bed and I gave B Bed too much insulin. I rechecked his BS after and it was 89, he was asymptomatic and we gave him some juice and crackers to hold him over until his tray came around. I was upset at the aide, but ultimately it was my fault because I did not realize we had a policy saying either we have to see the accucheck result on the emar or we have to see it on the screen of the meter at the bedside. After that, I did file a PSR, and I was never reprimanded by my manager, but I know that if I were to do this again I wont get such a great review at the end of my 6 mo probation period. I learned it is just unsafe to take the word of anyone, and if you have to take their bg again, better safe than sorry. Ultimately, you are responsible for delegating, supervising, and following up on what your aides do for you and making sure things get done right.

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