my dream job seems impossible to get

  1. Hi all who will listen!

    I have literally made myself sick with anxiety over this. After graduating with a non-nursing degree, I worked for a year and realized that what I really want is to work with women, babies, and children. I want to be a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and Midwife. I am already almost 24 years old and by the time I reached this goal, I would be what - 35? If that young, indeed. But that's not really what concerns me. It seems that everyone I talk to about nursing is wanting to be a NP, so would that mean that by the time I'm done - we'll all have NPs and be staff nurses anyway? Isn't this a valid concern. I want to reach my goal so badly, but it all seems so impossible.
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  3. by   NeoPediRN
    I think you need to do a little can do a direct entry program if you have a bachelor's in something else and receive your NP within 3 years. Stop stressing and start researching.
  4. by   such_sweet_sorrow
    I'm in Arkansas and there aren't any around me. I live in an area where I can get ADN or BSN. I was rejected for ADN and am working on Chemistry (only pre-req I don't have) and hope to get BSN. Don't you have to work before NP in your chosen area or at least in a similar area?
  5. by   NeoPediRN
    Hi. No, you don't have to work as an RN before getting your NP. Here in MA I have several coworkers who went into direct entry programs, got their RN after a year in the program (happens standard), and worked as an RN while they finished the NP portion of the program. They weren't required to work as a staff nurse during school, they chose to for the experience.
  6. by   such_sweet_sorrow
    Oh man, I wish I lived somewhere that I could do it. I'm in a situation where I cannot afford to move... and the only option for me to move faster through is to get my MSN via bridge program (and, but it still requires an ADN. Waiting for that might take longer than just getting a second bachelors degree. And I may decide to pursue a Ph.D. and skip masters... too many options! and theeeennn I hope that there is a need for me when it's said and done.
  7. by   Hygiene Queen
    Everybody says they want to be an NP... and I'll bet 90% of them never do it.
    Where there is a will, there is a way.
    Have you talked to a counselor?
    Also, anything worth having is worth all the time, work and effort.
    Don't whine here...
    Get your butt in gear!
  8. by   ladybugme!
    i am in a adn program and like you want to be a nurse midwife. i originally thought i wanted to be an np but after some research and talking to some np and midwife program counselors i decided that the np was not want i wanted. i learned that as a midwife you can still have your own patients, prescribe drugs (depending on your state) and deliver babies! i am super excited, but i have a long way to go! i am 23 now and will graduate in december i plan to apply for the bsn then msn program in midwifery. you can do anything you set your mind it! the first step- become an rn!
  9. by   ChristineN
    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Everybody says they want to be an NP... and I'll bet 90% of them never do it.
    Where there is a will, there is a way.
    Have you talked to a counselor?
    Also, anything worth having is worth all the time, work and effort.
    Don't whine here...
    Get your butt in gear!
    Heh, you remind me of how when I was in nursing school all the majority of my classmates wanted was to be CRNA's, so over half of them got ICU jobs out of school. You know what happened? Most of them found out that they hated ICU.

    I second the advice for the OP to look into a direct entry program. If that is not an option, what about an accelerated BSN program? That would at least shave 2 years off.
  10. by   decembergrad2011
    It's not impossible if you want it and take steps to get there. Lots of people say they want to do things, but they do not have the drive and/or formulate and execute a plan.

    What works for me: Write out your goals for 1 year, 5 year, and 10 years (or other timeframes that you have). I generally make 10 year goals super extravagant because they are so far off that they are kind of dreams in their own right - for me, things like owning a nice house with land or traveling to Europe with a comfortable amount of money and time. It's nice to look back and goals you've set and accomplished, and it will increase self-confidence. Nursing is sometimes too science-y for my creative self, so I scrapbooked my goals using paint and various colors, pictures, and textures last time.
  11. by   such_sweet_sorrow
    Thanks for the encouragement everyone! It seems the best I can do is hope to get into the BSN program starting January, finish it and see what my school options are.. I keep telling myself that you have to try in order to fail and who knows, success may be waiting..

    this is my dream job! so why not go for it? It's just hard to keep my chin up these days.
  12. by   Double-Helix
    Do you know the differenced between a Women's Health NP and a midwife? Both require a MSN, but they are two seperate certifications and programs. WHNP's typically don't actually care for the mother during the delivery and immediate post-partum but do the gyn visits and initial OB exam. Midwives typically do not see the patient before the pregnancy and do not continue to provide care after the initial post-partum stage (6 weeks or so). That's the major difference.

    There are also other nursing-related jobs that allow you to work with mother's and babies but don't require that you get an MSN. You could get your BSN or ADN and become a staff nurse on a Labor and Delivery, Mother/Baby, newborn nursery or NICU floor. You can work in an obstetrician's or pediatrician's office. While these positions might not be your ultimate dream, they are close and will help you get experience if you still want to go on to be an NP or CNMW.

    And if I can speak honestly, it makes no sense to worry yourself sick over this. Don't pin all your hopes and dreams on a career and let that define you. Find security and comfort in who you are as a person. Are you honestly going to spend the next four years worrying about whether or not you will ever become an NP? What kind of life will that be for you? Learn how to let go of the worry.
  13. by   not.done.yet
    As you go through life, you will find there are a lot of people with big dreams, but few people with the stamina, guts or courage to see them through.

    NP is hard. That alone tells you that not everyone who wants to is going to, either through inability, life getting in the way, lack of opportunity, expense of it and a billion other reasons.

    If you let what others might or might not do with their lives influence what you do with your own, you will indeed be anxious and unhappy. Just because someone else wants the same thing you do does not take away your right to want it, pursue it or have it.
  14. by   Hygiene Queen
    Quote from such_sweet_sorrow
    i keep telling myself that you have to try in order to fail and who knows, success may be waiting..
    absolutely! this attitude, more often than not, has gotten me what i want.
    if i did not achieve something, then at least i knew i fought until i knew, for a fact, my goals had to change.
    but you have to fight the fight, first.
    the failures? some quite painful, but my conscience was clear because i knew that i gave it everything i had.

    so why not go for it?
    "why not?", is right!
    i did not figure this out until i was 38 years-old.
    glad i know this now!

    it's just hard to keep my chin up these days.
    you will find that once you really start getting the ball in motion, you will feel better.
    i know you want to take great big huge giant steps, but sometimes you must take little baby steps, too. frustrating, yes, but-- as long as you are moving forward-- you are fine!!
    and i just needed to tell myself all this too!!