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I've had my MSN (nurse educator) for almost a year now, and while I have been doing some adjunct teaching, my main job, per my personal preference, remains that of a regular bedside staff nurse. ... Read More

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    Thats exactly what I plan on doing..

    I've had my RN for 3 years come May. I have applied for grad school (masters in nursing education) for the upcoming fall semester.

    I have no desire to leave the bedside.

    However, my job completely pays for my MSN given that I work for them for 2 years after I last take a reimbursement check.

    Thats a great deal that I cannot pass up. While I dont necessary want to teach full time now, I can get the degree while im younger, no kids (just a hubby and a dog), and I think it will be easier for me to obtain it now.
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    I believe an education opens you up to opportunities that may come in the future. If you see a job with BSN or MSN preferred or required you will be able to "go for it!"
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    Most schools don't require you to continue to work at the bedside if you teach (at least not in the past 3 states where I lived) but it IS beneficial.
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    as someone who's been on staff with someone of your background and education, i must say that i value having such a person working with me. any newer nurse (or even not so newer nurse) should value you as a resource. i don't mean that anyone should assume that's what you are there for, but i know that when "jane" worked with me, she could answer questions when she had time, and give me answers i could understand!
    i think you should continue what you are doing. i wish you worked with me!
    - jess
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    Thank you all for your encouraging replies. My work at the bedside means a lot to me. And it is nice to have other options open to me if I choose.