Mouth crud

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    Ok this is a random thread but the more I work in the hospital, the more I notice that patients don't get proper mouth care, especially the total care patients. I'm having a hard time figuring out the best way to remove this dried on mouth crud because I know it cannot be comfortable at all. Anyone have any tips on removing dried secretions from a patients mouth without hurting them too much? Thanks in advance for helpful tips
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    I always use pink toothettes to soften up the gunk. I am a big believer in oral care!! Nothing chaps my behind more then seeing a patient with dried up secretions and crud in their mouth. Plus it makes them feel better too!
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    Thanks. I try that too but sometimes it doesn't seem like its enough. Glad I'm not the only one who hates the crud!
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    I heart those pink mouth swabs! I have a couple LOL who are total care and their mouths get so nasty! The mouth swabs get the job done.
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    I don't like mouth crud either. I'm always wiping down a face or repeating oral care on residents. Our toothetes are a green color.
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    You could always soak the swabs in mouthwash. I am forever wiping faces and mouths myself!! With the disabled pediatric patients I take care of, most of them are mouth breathers. That means constant gunk and crud to clean out!! Our cna's are fabulous when it comes to oral care on these little folks!!
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    I would think mouthwash would be more drying. Maybe I just need to be a little more aggressive with the swabbies. Thanks for y'all's help!
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    I use the pink swabs with water or mouthwash (ours is alcohol free, of course). We also have the set up that can be hooked to suction.
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    Swab a little water based lubricant to soften up the crud, and sponge out with mouth swabs dipped in warm water.
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    This is not the best when the pt is alert and totally aware, but sometimes after going through a dozen (blue) toothetts, I'll take a wash cloth and dig out what I can

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