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Mouth crud - page 4

Ok this is a random thread but the more I work in the hospital, the more I notice that patients don't get proper mouth care, especially the total care patients. I'm having a hard time figuring out... Read More

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    Quote from YouwishiwasyourCNA
    We use an oral debreeding agent witht he mouth swabs it works great. It comes in a pack with the swabs and mouthwash minus the alcohol. Soak the swab and rub it over the lips let it sit a minute same with the inside just keep going over the inside of he cheeks.

    "No day but today"
    I want this too!!! This sounds fabulous.
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    Quote from amoLucia
    Mouth crud as described here is sad. I can see an occasional ommitted shift here & there because yes, things do get hectic. But to have developed so badly shift after shift after shift is hard to explain. To NOT try to clean it when so obvious....

    I also equate unshaven mens' faces on the same level of care. When they've days & days of growth to the point that they look wildmen, that's sad too. But that's another thread.
    I agree with you. Unfortunately it happens pretty frequently on my unit. People get busy and it gets overlooked. Our day shift RNs have to ambulate any one not on a vent, round with docs, meet with PT/case management etc. I work nights so I have more time and can make sure my patient's get bathed/shaved/mouth care/dressing changes/ etc.

    Shaving is another pet peeve of mine. We are technically not allowed to shave due to infection/injury risk, but a few of us have a stash of disposable razors. I also shave my female patients. I know since I have reached a certain age I have sprouted some pretty impressive chin hairs. I would hope my nurse/aide would shave them for me if I could not!!! I don't want grandma sporting a beard when family comes to visit.
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    Esme12 and 1dreamer, great suggestions! I will definitely try both of these!
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    Sugarcoma - who shaves the guys when they can't do it themselves????? You must have a bunch wild fuzzy men on your unit.

    I also occasionally do the LOL's chinny chin chin. That's a woman's dignity issue!
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    A little bit of Mineral oil mixed with Mouthwash and a toothette have work well for me. It moistens and freshens. My LTC also has a product for mouth cleaning made by Biotene.
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    Quote from amoLucia
    Sugarcoma - who shaves the guys when they can't do it themselves????? You must have a bunch wild fuzzy men on your unit.

    I also occasionally do the LOL's chinny chin chin. That's a woman's dignity issue!
    Just the nurses/techs with the secret razor stash. We are supposed to tell family to bring in clippers and shave them themselves
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    I know this is off on a tangent, but Sugarcoma, I find that policy a bit ?????? (I'm stumped for the right word!) The only time I've ever seen shaving restricted has been when PT/INRs are crazy (I mean Vit K has been used!). Then after 2 days or so ('til back to norm), we're OK. I'll bet when survey is in, everybody is clean shaven.

    Sorry for the kidnap of this thread.
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    Definitely a wash cloth and then the toothettes. Sputum and mouth crud are two things that make me cringe.
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    When I worked nights at another facility, I would always get the trach vents because I enjoyed caring for them. Mouth care was incredibly, strangely satisfying to me, and my more alert patients always signaled their appreciation.
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    Thanks for all your responses! I will definitely have more ideas to conquer the mouth crud battle!