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Ok this is a random thread but the more I work in the hospital, the more I notice that patients don't get proper mouth care, especially the total care patients. I'm having a hard time figuring out the best way to remove this... Read More

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    A little bit of Mineral oil mixed with Mouthwash and a toothette have work well for me. It moistens and freshens. My LTC also has a product for mouth cleaning made by Biotene.
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    Quote from amoLucia
    Sugarcoma - who shaves the guys when they can't do it themselves????? You must have a bunch wild fuzzy men on your unit.

    I also occasionally do the LOL's chinny chin chin. That's a woman's dignity issue!
    Just the nurses/techs with the secret razor stash. We are supposed to tell family to bring in clippers and shave them themselves
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    I know this is off on a tangent, but Sugarcoma, I find that policy a bit ?????? (I'm stumped for the right word!) The only time I've ever seen shaving restricted has been when PT/INRs are crazy (I mean Vit K has been used!). Then after 2 days or so ('til back to norm), we're OK. I'll bet when survey is in, everybody is clean shaven.

    Sorry for the kidnap of this thread.
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    Definitely a wash cloth and then the toothettes. Sputum and mouth crud are two things that make me cringe.
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    When I worked nights at another facility, I would always get the trach vents because I enjoyed caring for them. Mouth care was incredibly, strangely satisfying to me, and my more alert patients always signaled their appreciation.
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    Thanks for all your responses! I will definitely have more ideas to conquer the mouth crud battle!