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You had two simple requests of me, a drink of water, and to go home. I had started out my shift on high note, caring for my two favorite cardiac patients, working with some of my favorite co-workers. It was going to be a good... Read More

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    wow! I couldn't get through this without crying. You did a phenominal job and I'm sure his mother and father appreciate you more than you realize. Not sure that I could work peds. WOW!
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    Brave one, to keep on going after that one - wow. Thank you for writing this. How blessed those parents were to have had you for their son's nurse!
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    It's so so so amazing. I can feel the event. And I can barely grab myself out from your somewhat meloncholic story. Very powerful!
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    Abeautiful story YOU are a nurse They will ALWAYS remember you You gave comfort during the worst time of their lives I am an old nurse, glad to know there are new nurses out there like you. We carry these "war wounds" with us to each new patient. Hurts but makes us better. You could not have done anymore than you did, thank goodness he made it out of the ER to you Be Proud
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    I am sitting here crying like a baby and so hoping to never have to experience what you have, but as a Peds nurse who is still new at this - I know I might.

    Can tears short a keyboard? Geez...

    Blessings of the Lord
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    Your care and love for these children is a true blessing, I to would cry when it came to children/adults that left too early and the hardest thing about being a nurse , is being there watching someone die and to try and comfort a grieiving family when you also are grieving Very touching story, thank you for sharing it
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    Amazing made me cry. I have a son and hope he'd be so lucky as to have a nurse like you if he ever needed it. What a sad, sad, beautiful story.
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    oh my word, you just made me bawl! beautifully written though... thanks for sharing!
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    This was so sad. The tears just rolled. Sounded like something coming out of chicken soup for nurses. Great story.
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    That was the saddest yet one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever read. Thank you for sharing.
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