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Curious about the administration of pain medication (Morphine) and possibly speeding up a patient's death.... Read More

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    Hello, I have a question about morphine induced nightmares.

    My granddaughter was in a coma as a result of brain damage (thanks to a criminally incompetent home night nurse in Lincoln NE, who didn't know how a ventilator worked and what the alarm meant!), and to help her die peacefully and reduce air hunger, she was given large doses of morphine. I have just learnt that morphine causes awful nightmares, and I wonder whether administering morphine was the right thing to do after all. I can't bear the idea that my beautiful 3 year old died having nightmares.

    Why is morphine administered if it causes nightmares for the dying?

    Thanks to all for any comments.
    We're sorry for your loss but we cannot offer much information in this situation due to the site terms of service. As the other poster stated, morphine is given to patients because it works in a variety of ways, not just pain control.