Mixing working and breastfeeding - page 3

I am looking for others who have worked/are working while continue to breastfeed their kids. I did manage to work part-time while breastfeeding my dd, but it had disasterous results (mastitis which... Read More

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    My last job was in a small rural hospital. There were so many things I loved about it. It is so family friendly there, it was so close to home, sigh. It would be the most wonderful place in the world to work if something could be done about a certain 1 doctor (curses and hangs up on you, refusing to give orders on a critical patient b/c you woke him up, and other dangerous things) and the poor pay. I would go back if not for those things. I just don't feel safe with that one doctor who nothing will be done about no matter how many people leave b/c of him.

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