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All names have been changed and some words are misspelled for pronunciation purposes and curse words have been changed or left out. Nellie was an 80ish year old lady with Alzheimer’s. She wore red lipstick and big sun... Read More

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    I don't normally do this but...


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    i was feeling kinda down today and you just made me laugh!!!
    thank you!
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    This is a very funny story and thank you for being able to share it and laugh at the situation, one which surely would have made others angry. From the tone of your writing I gather that this event happened somewhere in the south... Is this correct? I remember a CNA that I used to work with who wore tight white scrubs and the brightest underwear she could find. I have also had medical students and residents who wore colorful underwear or NO underwear (with things hanging around, if you get my drift) who I had to advice to "put some clothes on".

    I worked with a nurse back in the 80's at the time when eatable underwear came out on the market. Do any of you remember these things? In any case, she went shopping and found a bargain on underwear and bought several pairs. One day at work she gets splashed with something and she goes to the restroom to wash herself off and to her dismay her underwear was gone. It had dissolved. All she had left was the elastic. She was not aware of the kind of undies she had purchased. We all had a good laugh.

    This is the great thing about nursing. We have funny stories to tell.
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    LOL big time!!!
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    Where are all the "mercy killer" nurses with patients like these? Someone should have put a pillow over her face long ago. She's just taking up space and money. :-)

    JK--little dark humor from someone who's had a lot of these kind of patient's lately....
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    Dark....very dark......
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    Aww, what a story! Thanks for sharing with us green ones...makes the scary part a little easier
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    LOL, Just a reminder that if you don't have a sense of humor, nursing isn't for you.

    My first job out of Nursing School was in Geriatric Psych. One of my all-time favorite patients was Findley. Now Findley was a very tall, lean farm with a world class case of Alzheimer's. For the most part, Findley was sweet and would spend his days wandering the locked unit herding chickens back to the coop for the night. But man alive on shower nights, because day shift would always leave Findley for night shift shower, because we had a male tech who had a pretty good report with Findley. That is, until Sean told Findley that it was time for a shower. At that point, Findley, who by the way made two of Sean, became combative and started swinging. Sean, always ended up soaking wet and Mad as a wet Hen, all the while Findley was shouting down the hall. "How'd like that you little pouf!"

    It finally got to the point, that it became to dangerous for Findley and Sean for this practice to continue, so Findley's wife was allowed to come in every other day and give Findley a shower and he was as docile as a baby for her. But, he wasn't having anything to do with any of us giving him a shower.

    BTW, for those that are wondering, what I've been told regarding patients who are incapable of making decisions and showering is that according to CMS, patients are to be bathed/showered at least every other day unless visibly soiled, then they should be bathed/showered with each incident of soiling to prevent skin breakdown.

    If anybody is going to put a book together, working Geriatric Psych, I've got TONS of stories.
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    Isn't it just so awesome?

    Awwwww. I miss my lil' old people. Not everyone can say they've been beat up by a lil' old lady! I'll never forget the first time I got hosed. I let her hold it, and she pointed it directly at me and laaauuuggghhheeedd. OMG, I loved that lady. I called her "Grandma".

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