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I am an RN BSN with one year of experience on a cardiac/thoracic surgical floor and seriously considering a career in the air force. However, I am married. My husband just got his undergrad in Psychology and am worried that... Read More

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    Unfortunately with the international affairs it looks like deployments will be a fixture in the military whether you are active duty, guard, or reserves. The Air Force has short deployments compared to the other services. Even though it is short deployments there is an extreme amount of stress involved for both parties but the spouse who is home has more of the stress essentially since they are running it as a single parent while the other parent is away. It is stressful and your husband has to keep this in mind that he will be the one behind doing the extra work while you are away.

    Another poster said before if you are pregnant you will absolutely not be deployed!!! Don't even worry about that!!

    Remember the spouse follows the military so he will have to follow you. SW and mental health is a pretty flexible career. I'm not sure how possible coaching would be. I don't have knowledge about sports at all. I would imagine though on a collegiate level it would be difficult to get a position.

    I wouldn't worry about the finances because you would be taken care of and always comfortable. The travel would be great!!

    I would only do this if you always wanted to be in the military. Do you have any family that has been active duty? Military life is extremely different than civilian life. Some people love it and others hate it. I was in the Air National Guard because I like being in the military but not 365 days a year!! I liked being a civilian and choosing my place of employment and my city to live in.

    I wish you the best!!

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