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it is a very lonely world out there for managers. i became a manager of a dialysis facility in august 2010. i was promoted from within, not the best way to start out in your new role! why-because... Read More

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    Unfortunately the paperwork requirements make it so that many organizations are top heavy this way. In home health sometimes we would have 4 nurse managers and only 2 or 3 RNs out seeing patients. This is a tremendous cost to the facility.

    I will say that you are only mentioning 1st shift so I am sure there are nurses on the other shifts too. The two nurse managers don't do any patient care? I am guessing they are in charge or supervisors, but how do they not do any patient care? What is their role? If they are so essential they should be alternating holidays. I would think that the DON and the ADON would share the on-call responsibilities too.

    My experience in LTC is limited- casual PRN work for a small nursing home. But even at 1/3 the size we had a DON and a ADON. The ADON did most of the paperwork, rounded with the doc if she was there, and pitched in as needed. The DON occasionally worked as a staff nurse if no one could be found to cover. I guess we had a pretty good team.
    To answer your questions the two nurse managers don't do any patient care at all, they are strictly paperwork nurses. There are no managers after their day ends, promptly at 4:00 pm I might add. They do not alternate holidays, they simply don't work any [neither do therapy and office staff] so on holidays the staff nurses are on their own. There is also no "supervisor" on other shifts, the senior nurse in the building does their regular job plus any supervisory duties that may arise. As for the on-call responsibilities, the DON is the only "official" on call, but good luck reaching the DON or the ADON after hours. I have never had either one answer a phone call. The only upside is the staff nurses are extremely talented and capable of handling almost anything.