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Male Nurses Becoming More Commonplace, Census Bureau Reports The nursing profession remains overwhelmingly female, but the representation of men has increased as the demand for nurses has grown over the last several decades,... Read More

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    Great comments! I don't have a strong opinion on the matter, I was just sharing the results mentioned in the study I thought you all would find them interesting and good topic of discussion.
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    Quote from DebblesRN
    If you compared the salaries of a single childless woman, and a man in the same job with the same amount of experience and the same educational background, the "men make more than women" statement is proven FALSE!!
    How about "married childless woman" to "married childless man" and "single childless man" in the same job with same amount of experience and same educational background? Or compared to the single man, woman has more education and experience.
    Because I know for a fact that at least at one job, the woman made less. I saw the paychecks.

    Anecdotal. But NOT a "MYTH" or "FALSE!!"
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    Quote from wooh
    Don't worry ladies. As the previous men make clear, it's bad statistics. It's just that us women are all too lazy to work as hard as the men do.
    Defensive much? I don't think ANY of the above posters even inferred that women were lazy. They pointed out that, in their experience, they pick up (or have observed that other men pick up) a lot of extra shifts and OT.

    I do as well. And my paychecks are often larger than people who have worked there for decades, because they are happy to do their 0.6 FTE while I happily clock in 60hrs a week whenever I can.
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    Within +/- 3%, 91% of studies are statistically meaningless.
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    I was using an example. If you compared the salaries of a single man who has full custody of his child to a single woman who has full custody of her child, I bet the salary Is the same as well. The people who make these observations that men make more than women do not take into account that women have childcare responsibilities. If the studies were adjusted to reflect that difference, do you really think that there would be as big a disparity??

    Keep in mind, also--they are not checking how much money a person is making an hour, they are asking the average yearly salary. If you compare that, there probably WILL be a difference. This study does not take into account shift differentials, bonuses, charge nurse pay, etc. It only takes the annual pay. It seems kind of silly to do that when we all know there will be a difference between the night shift and the day shift salaries. plus weekend diff. If a male nurse makes more than me and we have the same experience, educational background, and rate of pay, it is likely to be because he is working more hours, or because he is getting a shift differential that I am not getting and that would be due to my PERSONAL choices, not because he is a man.
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    Quote from CannondaleRN
    It has been my experience that male nurses are promoted more quickly & consistently than female nurses.
    This probably has something to do with this:

    Quote from MN-Nurse
    I pick up more shifts, work more overtime, take fewer voluntary days off....I tend to get pregnant far less often than my sisters in arms.
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    Quote from DebblesRN
    I also egree with a previous poster that regional salaries need to be taken into consideration because rates of pay throughout the country increase and decrease due to cost of living.
    *** Really? You believe that nurses are paid more or less in different parts of the country cause the cost of living in higher or lower in those areas?
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    Yep.........i make less than some of the men i work with because i don't want to work 72 hours a thank you. i will stick to less hours........
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    Quote from PMFB-RN

    *** Really? You believe that nurses are paid more or less in different parts of the country cause the cost of living in higher or lower in those areas?
    LOL! Subtile..
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    I'm not a feminist-activist type, but from what I've seen there is definitely a glass escalator for men in nursing, no doubt about it. Personally, during a student internship, I (along with most of the other females) was placed on one of the general floors (still a very busy floor & a great learning experience) while nearly everyone placed in the ICUs was male. I came to learn that many of them didn't have the grades or experience I did, however they were fast tracked into the ICU. Since the ICU often enables a faster track into CRNA and NP schools, it stands to reason men will earn more. This is just my personal experience and I'm not bitter about it, however my nursing school friends and I have noted that men always make it to the better paying positions a little faster than the rest of us. However, nearly every single male RN I've met is hardworking, smart, and dedicated, so their success is well deserved. It would be nice to see a little more equality overall for us girls though.
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