Lung Assessment

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    What is the technique called when the patient repeats "99"?

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    god, I haven't done that since nursing school- i think it was called "tactile resonance"
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    Close ERRN, it is tactile fremitus
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    Quote from RN4NICU
    Close ERRN, it is tactile fremitus
    I knew it had tactile in it! Does anyone even DO that, other than in nursing school????
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    I just finished nursing school and I've never even heard of this...
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    tactile fremitus (when palpating using either the palmar base of the fingers or the ulnar edge of one hand; the phrase generates vibrations; decreased fremitus occurs when anything obstructs transmission of vibrations; increased fremitus occurs with compresson or consolidation of lung tissue eg. lobar pneumonia).
    And when checking voice sounds - bronchophony (ask the person to say "ninety-nine" while listening with the stethoscope over the chest wall - increased lung density will enhance transmission of voice sounds and you will hear a clear "ninety-nine" (the words are more distinct than normal and sound close to your ear)
    Have you tried egophony? (Greek - the voice of a goat - if "eeee" changes to "aaaaa" over areas of consolidation)
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    there is a sticky thread in the nursing student assistance forum that has all kinds of weblinks where you can find this information on chest/lung exam:

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