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Hi Everyone, My husband and I were in to visit my MIL today and an aide told us that state was in a couple of days ago and saw the artwork of the residents on the unit(my MIL is on a dementia... Read More

  1. by   DizzyLizzyNurse
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    I agree with the person who said it was probably a manager using state to get her wishes. I wouln't believe it until I saw it written in the final report. If it really is from State, I think it is a violation of States authority. The common areas of a facility is supposed to be the resident's home. Who has the right to say which artwork you would like to put in your home? I could understand it, if it was profane, but I am guessing it's not.

    I also say the Apprentice last night, and agree that a lot of the art was childish. However, art isn't mean to grow your intellect, but to center you and bring you to a better time and place. Who are we to tell someone that their beautiful souls who created these pictures are not quite up to par. Art gives us a peek into the hidden beauty inside of each of us. How dare State demean people for exposing their indiviuality and sweet personhood. Shame on State, or Management. Maybe it's because they don't have a soul, that they don't understand basic humanity.
    Actually we had a resident who was an art teacher who had (tastefully done) pictures of naked men that she kept in her bedroom. They weren't in the hall or anything but they were there.
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    I agree with Morte CAREPLAN IT!!!

    But on the positive side, that must be a dang good facility if all the state had to ding them on was the question of dignity and age appropriate artwork
    lol, this was my second thought as well.....i have heard it said that you should always leave them some small thing to cite you about, because they are gonah git ya one way 'tother.
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    well the unit my MIL is on, is pretty dang good!:-) We just love the staff! and so does mom. State actually was in to investigate a resident who suffered a dislocated shoulder(I believe that is what the aide said)while being transferred improperly(on another unit and decided to take a quick walk through the building) and that is when they noticed the artwork on the walls.
  4. by   withasmilelpn
    They can ask for a variance. I worked in a nice place that really cared about the residents. We got cited for closet size - apparently they are supposed to be x and ours were y - it was an old building. So in the spirit of endless pointless paperwork we applied - and were granted a variance so we remained at the coveted 'deficiency' free status.

    They also periodically got on the 'dignity' kick - Halloween parades with dressed up Residents is 'not dignified.' so we stopped doing something people really enjoyed. And a confused, constantly moving resident who fell repeatedly despite med changes and hospitalization and 1 on 1 staffing, could not use a bean bag chair that worked to keep her safe - because it was 'undignified'. Didn't win that argument or the Halloween with the state - which I am still angry about years later.

    Luckily there is a real trend towards more home like environments and attitudes - the state is going to have to catch up to the fact that change is in the air and what's fun is fun. Geesh!