For the love of Pete.....Where are you?!

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    I'm from California. The Board of Nursing in California has their own way of defining nursing as it relates to professional practice in the State of California. Each State has their own uniqueness as it relates to nursing. When I answer a question,sometimes my answer is irrelevant because the OP is from another state, and their laws are different.

    How many times have you read something to the effect of; "I did xyz.....and I want to know if I did it right". Answers come in from all over, and many times the answers reflect something such as "Where I live, we do it this way....or that way" - but you don't know what state (or country) is involved in neither the question nor the answers.

    Nursing has it's own culture, and we do the same things differently in each part of the world. I've read about "wooly balls", and "johnnies" and such, but unless you know where the person is from, the semantics get lost in the topic at hand. For example, I've learned that an Irish nurse will call cotton balls "wooly balls".

    I think it would be so neat to at least know what state/country is involved in the questions and answers. I find that the similarities and differences that are experienced from state to state/country to country are fascinating to learn about and is valuable information to share with each other.

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    I would like to know where some of the posts originate from, but many might be afraid to put in state/country because someone might be able to narrow that down.
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    I like my anonymity.
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    I definitely think certain types of posts can only be answered if the person asking the question states where they're located -- for example, "I've been offered $x/hour, for job y, is that a reasonable amount of money?", or "how hard is it to get a job in this specialty?". The answers to some of these questions vary a lot from one region to the next.
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    I'm less concerned about where they are as I am that they get the correct info. For most, that will involve a phone call or search of their specific situation/needed info.
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    I just get entertained at the people that start off spouting how "illegal" something is because it goes against their particular facility's policy.
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    Quote from xtxrn
    I'm less concerned about where they are as I am that they get the correct info. For most, that will involve a phone call or search of their specific situation/needed info.
    I hesitate to give examples because there is always the possibility that policies have changed or a different solution might be presented to that person, so the generic "contact whoever is in charge", should always be the first post for any of these threads. I also find it difficult to garner the interest to respond when the OP doesn't give enough info, such as what state they are in.
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    Many of us have to keep complete anonymity. Our facilites do not even want their names mentioned on our facebook pages. Therefore, we cannot have our messages traced to our facilities. If I told you the state I live in and the city you could easily figure out what hospital I am at.
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    I am totally going to start calling cotton balls "woolly balls". I CANNOT wait to ask one of my teammates for a couple of woolly balls.

    Too immature?

    From the midwest, btw
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    I tend to like the threads just asking how different facilities/nurses do different things - I just find it cool to learn how other places work.

    I tend to avoid answering the "this is what happened... was I wrong?" etc. The only way anyone else would know would be to have access to that place's P&P manual.

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