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I'm from California. The Board of Nursing in California has their own way of defining nursing as it relates to professional practice in the State of California. Each State has their own uniqueness as it relates to nursing. ... Read More

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    I prefer to maintain my anonymity. Also, a lot of those questions about policy and procedure can be better answered by calling the appropriate regulatory agency in the OPs' state. In addition, whatever answers a post is going to get here are usually based on the personal experience of the responding poster and may or may not be relevant to the situation of the OP, even if they are coming from the same state.
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    Quote from wooh
    I just get entertained at the people that start off spouting how "illegal" something is because it goes against their particular facility's policy.
    I saw someone flushing an IV the other day and there was an air bubble in the syringe! I had to call the BON because I know that is illegal....of course, I did it anonymously, I can not risk being associated with such an abhorrent act...
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