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Looking for name of a book about charting

  1. 0 I was talking with a coworker about charting. She recalled reading a book in nursing school a number of years before about charting with a title something along the lines of "Something like a nurse, chart like a lawyer". or some permutation along those lines. She said it was good, but couldn't remember the name. Anybody heard of it or have read it?
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    I have not heard of the book that you are mentioning. The two documentation books that I've encountered are Surefire Documentation and Charting Made Incredibly Easy.
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    I have charting Made Incredibly Easy, Avoiding Common Nursing Errors and another one I can't remember the name of right now.

    I just Googled what you were looking for and found this:

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    I have a book called chart smart.. unsure of author
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    I had Charting made incredibly easy and it was HORRIBLE! I would not recommend that to anyone.