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I graduated as a nurse from a certain University in the Philippines. I was just as excited as any Nursing graduate. Earning a bachelors degree in Nursing was really something in my country. All of those sleepless nights of... Read More

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    The best way I think is to open up to your parents how you feel, in communicating your thoughts and hearing their side both parties can come to a conclusion of what is the best solution for your current dilemma.

    Communicate, communicate, communicate!

    Good Luck. Do not forget to pray! Prayers do wonders ...

    Have faith. Things will get better ..

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    hello! I just wanted to share to you guys what I am going through. I am in batch of 2010 and also a board passer, sadly, I am unemployed but still struggling hard to find a promising job.I even went to different hospitals all by myself. The first hospital I went to is accessible from my place. I was disappointed because the guard was the one who received my resume.what the heck! I am not applying for a position of a security guard then I went to another hospital but they are not currently accepting nursing applicants.The last one is that they are not accepting resume on hand but rather through their e-mail.I don't want to hope a lot from that hospital because I am pretty sure it only means that they are not hiring nurses anymore. On Monday I am planning to go to hospitals and try my luck AGAIN! I don't want to lose hope but it seems I am losing it. I am very desperate to get a job as a nurse.
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    Gat Andres Memorial Medical Center (Tondo) is currently accepting applicants for volunteer For Dec.
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    hello Nurses!, Good evening..

    I am very saddened after reading the article, A dilemma of Nursing Graduates.
    I am currently on my fourth year in BSN at a certain University in Metro Manila and I am nearing to Graduation, only 7 months remaining.. As I have wanted to change track, I have no choice since I entered with full decision taking up Nursing and Im already in my Last Year..
    For now, I am concerning for the review then the Local Boards.. and Hopefully, I could pass.. I am very assertive on this and Hopefully after passing, I could start looking for Trainings and a Job.

    I can feel how VERY hard Employment is here in the Philippines, and as would my Mother would tell me, to always think POSITIVE.. I agreed on that, but REALITY WISE, really, it is very hard.

    I have learned a lot from the comments, and honestly I am quite worried in the future, but I WILL try my best, even if this will not work, I am praying to God..

    Take Care Nurses..

    Keep Believing,.. and I will too.
    Kindly, Update Ma'am Salvie , thank you, God bless NURSES!
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    It is very sad but one must persevere. I just don't understand why the government doesn't address this problem. It has been going on for a while. I graduated 2006 and I had the same experience. I took my exam, passed it and looked for a job. The phrase "financially challenged" is very appropriate. We don't want to be a burden to our parents. Four years of school is no joke to them. Since, we were raised that after university/college graduation we are on our own and contribute to the family so our way out is to find a job which will give us money. At the end of the day, we need money to survive. I know money is not everything, however, these days, it's really frustrating if you can't even support yourself.

    I took an ESL job, tried volunteering for an NGO for a sorta nursing job which is again not a real job for some hospitals and institution requires you to have all these trainings but these HORRID hospitals are trying to rob you money out of your pcoket. How nice of them? I understand the charging part but do they absorb you after, NO, they don't. Some might but after your so called "volunteer" you are on your way to finding a different place or maybe stay in the same place and pay more money to them.

    I've had my share of bad experiences but I am lucky enough to be able to come here in Canada without the nursing experience. 2006 graduate and Dec. 2006 passer here, i did my nursing registration for the Province of British Columbia, approved 2007, found an employer 2007, applied visa and by 2008 received my visa. Came here in 2009, it's a rough road, arduous process but if you persevere and you have the drive, you will make it. On the other hand, drive and motivation don't work at times for the competition is getting stiff and hospitals in the Philippines only think of a way on how they can make money. However, it should not stop us in fulfilling our dreams.
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    Quote from Ginger's Mom
    I feel sad when I read this blog, thank you for sharing. You are fortunate to have your parent's support, and you sound like you have a great attitude and I hope great things come your way.

    US nursing students, don't have to spend endless hours ( I am not saying that the students don't study) but many have to work numerous hours to support their families since they don't have parental support. In the US after students finish school they take a short course and pass at the rate of 85-90%. It my opinion it seems like you are spending time learning information that is not promoting academic success.

    Being a nursing leader you need to be a change agent, why does your country allow so much to enter nursing knowing the majority won't pass the boards and the ones who do may not find employment.

    With your masters in nursing why not explore why do the nursing students have to study so hard with poor results, I know believe your country's student are not intelligent enough, but it a failure in your system. That need to be changed and you can make a difference using evidence based nursing to show the current programs are not preparing nurses for the 21st century.

    Be a nursing advocate to have a better programs reflecting your countries people's talent.
    I beg to disagree about my country's student nurses being not intelligent enough to be in nursing school. Each university that has a nursing program in the Philippines has rigid rules in accepting nursing students into the program . We have this NCEE (National College Entrance Examination) which is equivalent to US' GED and most nursing schools ( during my time in 1991) , if I am not mistaken, would only accept 80 and above percentile rank. Aside from that , after a year in prep nursing school , nsg students have to go through nursing aptitude test which will determine whether they are eligible to continue in the nursing program. Competition is also fierce in the nursing school because most nursing students are the cream of the crop from their individual provinces. We have a lot of nursing graduates because having the degree as a BSN-RN gives us opportunity to go abroad and it is not only USA who benefit from FILIPINO nurses, China, Japan, British countries, Saudi, Singapore , to name a few. These nurses who work abroad had to go through a lot of tests too, to get qualified for their position. I know for a fact, because I had to go through the same experience when I started as a nurse. I passed my board exams in 1995 3 months after graduating from college, 1996 my CGFNS ( commision on graduates of foreign nursing schools) and then the ball dropped. US hiring was frozen. During my time, we had a lot of nursing graduates and everybody was vying for on the job trainings at various hospitals. I got lucky. I worked at a hospital for almost 7 long years before i was able to migrate to US after TOEFL, TSE AND TWE and a lot of US money spent on job application- my parents spent more than $3-4,000.00 to pay for my tests and job processing fees just to get to the coveted US job.

    I think there was a miscommunication somewhere regarding spending so much time about learning info in nursing schools and that majority don't pass. In the Philippine nsg curricullum, it takes 4 years to be BSN and be qualified to take the RN licensure. We do have the associates degree on the second year right after capping ceremony and it be somewhat equivalent to a nurses' aide or midwife( im not sure). The reason why this new nurse mentioned herself being a clinical lecturer/ instructor in a review class was because, it is one of the lucartive business in the philippines because there are a lot of nsg graduates hoping to get the chance of working abroad and they had to undergo a series of tests to qualify for a workers immigrant visa (EB3 for US and theres one also for UK).

    Filipino parents work hard with the intent to give their children a good future, Education-- this is their LEGACY. It is matter of family pride for a typical self-sacrificing Filipino parent to send off their children to college even to the point of selling their last piece of land or their only water buffalo (carabao) so they would be able to pay for their childrens tuition fees. In the Philippines, you have to have a college degree in order to land a decent job and even much competition also....I guess the government is trying their best to better the system as with every other government. Unfortunately, Philippines is a third world country and still trying to improve the economy as much as help the Education system as much as they can.

    For a fact, I am proud to say that I know of a lot of nursing leaders in big hospitals and long term care who are FILIPINO nurses and I am pretty sure that their education has prepared them enough to be the nurse they are right now. I just have to say that because I strongly believe that whatever my mentors and my clinical instructors taught me at school, I am using it right now.
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    Not everyone is guaranteed to reap the benefits of the USA. I'm quite sure the Phillipine Islands needs nurses too! Good luck!!
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    Quote from MALENURSE50
    Not everyone is guaranteed to reap the benefits of the USA. I'm quite sure the Phillipine Islands needs nurses too! Good luck!!
    If you read the Philippine forum you will see that many many nurses are not able to find a job, there isn't enough work and a lot of hospitals offer volunteer spots and actually expect the nurse to pay to work there
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    Then they should train for a job that's in some demand in their own country!!??
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    Pretty soon, the P.I. Nurses will demand less $ and lower our OWN wages. We have our own problems getting what we are worth!!! WE DO NOT NEED A GLUT OF FOREIGN NURSES!!!

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