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Suicide can be described as a permenant solution to a temporary problem. The most frustrating thing when taking care of a patient who is suicidal is safety, and if there is a plan, what is it? ... Read More

  1. by   englishgeek
    I'm pretty almost everyone is missing the point of the article. The point the OP is making is that we can't let common preconceived notions like "suicide is selfish" to dictate how we respond to a patient that needs our help. Many seem to be attacking something she herself is dismissing as not helpful.
  2. by   wish_me_luck
    My comment is a general one, not directed at jadelpn. The suicide is selfish sentiment is a common thought with people.
  3. by   DizzyLizzyNurse
    Quote from wish_me_luck
    As a person who has attempted suicide before, I am very tired of hearing the "selfish" thing. I think most surviving family members (of people who completed suicide) are very selfish. Where were they when that family member who committed suicide needed them? Oh, yeah, wrapped up into themselves and told the family member to "just get over it." Well, I think surviving family members of people who completed suicide should "just get over it." The pain they feel? Maybe it's an a fourth of what the person who completed suicide felt.
    I've always thought that people who don't understand how completely debilitating and horrible depression is have no idea how exhausting/awful/terrible it is. If someone has tried help, meds, etc and still has depression, I think it's selfish of the family and friends not to at least try to be understanding. You really expected this person to live like that for years so YOU wouldn't have to feel bad? Not saying suicide is the answer. I'm saying until you've experienced being so depressed that you don't brush your teeth for days or shower or go outside because you literally cannot sleep and are in pain (yes physical pain. When I'm depressed I get massive headaches and really bad stomachaches.) and don't have the energy to be around people (it can be exhausting) please don't judge and call ME selfish.