License Reciprocity - NJ -> PA

  1. Hi All,

    Advance apologies if this question has been asked before. I did a few searches and didn't find an answer.

    Does anybody know if there is any nursing license (RN/LPN) reciprocity between NJ and PA?


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  3. by   Pete495
    In order to get a license from another state, you need to pay the appropriate fee, and fill out the applicational information from the State Board of Nursing. So yes, there is reciprocity, but you need to pay to get it.

    For a NJ license by endorsement, go here and fulfill the appropriate steps:

    For a PA license by endorsement, go here, and fulfill the appropriate steps:

    PA board of nursing licensure info:

    I am board certified in PA, and in the process of getting my NJ license. It is an extensive, expensive procedure that requires, notary, fingerprinting, passport photo, criminal history check, and application from your current board that your license is in good standing. So, if you are going for a NJ license by endorsement, don't expect to get it all done rapidly.

    Hope this helped.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    License reciprocity is available between all states. Some RN's have difficulty if inital RN education is via Excellsior/distance learning programs or foreign education and don't have minimal clinical hours required by the state.

    Board of Nursing links located under LINK section on grey bb toolbar.

    Never realized when I obtained additional NJ and DE license over 15 years ago due to IV infusion homecare, that I'd be maintaining them all this time. Since I manage homecare intake deptartment that receives referrals from PA/NJ/DE it's necessary to know and follow state nursing and health department laws.

    Good Luck to you.
  5. by   Zizka

    Thank you for your very helpful replies.

    Looks like it's a pretty straight foward process to transfer a license between states (aside from it being lengthy and detailed, as described by Pete495).

    I was originally wondering if i'd have to resit any exams, which doesnt look to be the case.

    Thanks again,

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  6. by   hollywoodnj
    Well all you have to do is contact pearson vue ( who does the license for NJ an PA) and they will send you a form and swich it over (free) because they do the testing for both states.
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from hollywoodnj
    Well all you have to do is contact pearson vue ( who does the license for NJ an PA) and they will send you a form and swich it over (free) because they do the testing for both states.
    Although this is a very old thread I must say I have not heard of pearsonvue sending forms out to switch over for free as each state will have it's own requirements and they will make their own decision based on what information is submitted. Also point out pearsonvue cover all states when it comes to administering the NCLEX exam however each state has to give eligibility before pearsonvue will issue ATT and you can sit NCLEX
  8. by   YakiraRN
    I see you stated that all states have reciprocity. I am having a hard time getting my license in IL they are telling me it will take almost 2 months. When I applied for my PA license I paid a fee online and that was it. Do you know any more about this, or know someone who may?

    I really appreciate any info you can give me I am desperate for a job and really want to get back into the field.

  9. by   highlandlass1592
    Just because IL says it make take 2 months doesn't mean they are giving you a hard time, some states take longer than others to get licenses out. If all your paperwork is in order and correct, then you may get it a bit earlier. You may not. When I applied for NJ license, took 5 months due to their losing my paperwork twice.
  10. by   Quickbeam
    I just got my IL license by endorsement. It took 8 weeks start to finish including the data and paperwork gathering. You really need to read their endorsement packet and do everything they tell you. There are fees to pay, fingerprints to secure, signatures to gather and it is a tremendous PIA. If you do it all right, you get a letter stating they received your application for endorsement. Once I submitted my competed paperwork, it took 3 weeks until I was licensed. I verified it online; I'm still missing any hard copy license.

    It helps to be a bit O/C with the paperwork. Also, the fees; nursys verification, an IL vendor to verify your fingerprints, the endorsement fee. I think it totalled about 150$.