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    Does anyone know if the initial posts, replies, and opinions expressed in a forum like this can be used by an attorney (especially if it is controversial) against the author in a court of law?

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    1. A good rule of thumb is not to post anything on the internet that you don't mind having read or seen by your spouse, your mother, your boss, your attorney, and a whole room of third graders.

    2. The internet is far less anonymous than you think. Even if you cover your tracks enough so it's impossible to tell who you are by your postings alone, all it takes it a court order presented to your internet service provider to release their records.

    If you are concerned that posting something may be used against you in a court of law, don't post it in the first place. If you have legal questions about posting something, talk to your attorney as we can't give legal advice here.
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    If something is serious enough they probably will investigate it.

    I think they could also take what you say here and turn it completely around on you as they do sometimes here on this site and elsewhere and as they do sometimes in your work places.
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    For heaven's sake, don't use your own picture as your avatar, no matter how glamorous it may be. Don't use your own name as your user name. Don't identify your place of employment in a public post.

    Never post patient specifics or sufficient information to constitute a HIPAA violation.
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    Never knowing write about patients or trash any current or former employer or co worker. Nothing is annonymous. Do not post half naked or drunk pictures on social media sites
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    One other thing I forgot to add is that what you post on the Internet can be forever. Even if you post something and then immediately delete it, there's no guarantee that a copy hasn't already been cached by Google, or that someone made a copy/screen grab of it.
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    Facebook and Twitter archive everything.

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