Laser Tattoo Removal

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    I was wondering if any other nurses out there have or are going through the same experience as me. This is one of the most painful things i've ever had to do, my advice to whoever reads this is if you ever want a tattoo done, make sure you want it to be permanent!

    Today I went for my fourth treatment. My memory of the first three are of extreme pain and tears. The procedure had to be aborted because I just couldn't cope with the pain. First they tried injecting local. The laser nurse waited for five minutes and then tried but it was too painful. We waited another ten minutes tried again, too painful. I don't know why the block didn't work. I've seen lumps cut out of people under local with no problems. They then applied EMLA (lignocaine and prilocaine 25mg/2ml) cream waited half an hour but I just couldn't go through with it because it still hurt. Lucky for me they waivered the fee.

    Next time the plan is to put the cream on first,then inject me with local. Before this I'm to take Panadeine Forte (Acitominophen codeine phosphate) before going in.

    So anyone else out there going through a similar ordeal?

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    I'm in the process of having one removed. I tried to go the laser route, but after one treatment, I ended up with a draining "burn" on my hand (where the tat is...yeah, I wasn't a real bright 16 year old! LOL!). I expected some drainage, but I had to keep dressings on this thing for almost two weeks, changing the dressings sometimes three times a day. When that quit, I ended up with a big raised scar (almost a keloid) and the tat was now bright, shiny, and 3-D! And I don't ever scar from anything...I don't even have stretchmarks! With no fading at all...I expected a 30%-50% fade with the first treatment. The treatment kinda stung, but I had waited so long to get rid of it that I didn't care.

    The healing, plus the craptacular results have me looking at just having the stupid thing incised out.

    I have tried laser treatment for hair removal, umm...yeah, there. That was painful! I made it to five treatments before I decided that razor burn wasn't so bad afterall And again, after five treatments, every freaking hair has grown back. I hate lasers.

    I feel your pain...literally. Depending on where it is, have you looked at having it incised? I'm just gonna get it over with myself. And then get the tat that I really want (well hidden, of course! LOL!)
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    Scrubby, if you don't mind answering, where is your tattoo and how big is it? I have a very small (like the size of a nickel, maybe) tattoo on the back of my neck that I think about having removed. Pain and expense are keeping me from doing it though. I wish my 18 year old self put a little more thought into it!!
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    [Depending on where it is, have you looked at having it incised? I'm just gonna get it over with myself. And then get the tat that I really want (well hidden, of course! LOL!)]

    [Scrubby, if you don't mind answering, where is your tattoo and how big is it?]

    I would really love to have it excised. I think it's too large though. To answer both your questions it runs down my spine. It's not a solid tattoo though, kind of a celtic design. But i'm seriously thinking of inquiring about having it incised out. I'd rather have a scar than the stupid thing on my back, but it may involve skin grafts....

    It would be really good if you could just tattoo over the damned thing with skin colored ink. :icon_roll
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    Wow, this sounds like a big hassle indeed. I wonder how many people end up reconsidering tattoos they got during their less temperate youths. I've heard it's expensive, is that true? Does insurance cover the costs?
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    That's one of the reasons that as a multiple tattooed girl, I always recommend that people thinking of getting a tattoo done decide on a design and wait 6-12 months before getting it done. I can't imagine ever wanting to get rid of my tattoos, as they are all significant to myself and my life, that said I wish you well in getting your tattoo removed.

    Something to be aware of with laser tattoo removal is that some colours are removed better than others - one of the ladies in my nursing course had a tattoo removed by laser, which had a lot of green in it and where it was removed she still has a mark that looks like a bruise
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    My husband's good friend and former boss recently allowed her 16 year old daughter to have skulls tattooed on the undersides of BOTH of her forearms. They are fairly large, too.

    When my 16 year old daughter asks for something like this, I'll let her have it done.... over my dead body.

    I was talking to my husband about it and decided that it was a battle that Regina, his former boss, decided not to pick. Her daughter has been a bit wild and Regina probably has really had to learn how to pick her battles. She probably figures hey, her daughter will learn her lesson in about oh, fifteen years or so, when she herself is trying to have those tattoos removed.

    Myself, I have a decent sized tattoo above my left shoulderblade that I designed myself. I wouldn't say that I LOVE it; as the years go on I realize that I'm not totally crazy about how it turned out. It was my own design though, it has special meaning for me, and so I doubt I'll ever have it removed. It represents my daughter, and eventually I'd like to get one somewhere, to represent my son. I'm going to be careful about designing it, and picking someone who will do a really good job copying it to my body. =)
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    I've undergone tat removal. I've only had t2 sessions and it hurt like hell. My tat is on my left breast and I had the name of my X blacked out, that looked really bad so I decided to do the removal. After the second session I just said forget it, it was getting really expensive at $200 a session. I'll just deal with the blackout!
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    I'm going through laser tattoo removal as well. I have a pretty big (hand size) tattoo of a fairy I designed myself. I have grown to hate it. That is why I am having it removed. I have gone through 12 txs with a great deal of pain. I now have skin discolorations (hypo and hyperpigmentation). I am not going for more treatments until my skin evens out. I hope this gets better. I am so depressed about it. I look at it about a billion times a day.
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    Hey, no one has posted on here for a few months so I thought I'd ask for updates??? I just put a large sum of money down for a series of 5 treatments (I know I will need more). I start in DEC and just wondering if anyone has any success stories with laser tattoo removal? I have a large tattoo covering my right breast that I want to kick my 18 year old self in the butt for.

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