Laser Tattoo Removal - page 3

I was wondering if any other nurses out there have or are going through the same experience as me. This is one of the most painful things i've ever had to do, my advice to whoever reads this is if... Read More

  1. by   2BSure
    Is their anyone who does not have to cover their tattoos at work?
  2. by   Virgo_RN
    Mine is on my upper back, so it is covered by my scrub top while at work. I do work with some other nurses who have visible tattoos, though. One is a charge nurse who has wrist and hand tattoos. I work at a hospital associated with a religious organization, but our staff is very diverse, as the hiring practices are intended to reflect our local community.
  3. by   REESiE,RN
    that is how it should be! i always wonder why ppl (other nurses actually) put down on those with tattoos. the patient population is very diverse as is the nursing profession. yes i understand what professionalism means, however my tattoos are not giving you safe and competent patient care, i am. how can they put down on us when we tatted nurses went through the same nursing curriculum and licensure examinations as the rest. i love my tattoos but for the face of professionalism i am removing them.
  4. by   I love my cat!
    I don't have any tattoos, but many of the people I work with do.
    Two coworkers (that I am aware of) are going through the process of having some of their tattoos removed.
    One stated that it hurt, but was tolerable and the other said that he was only having one removed and that was it. He said he can't fathom enduring the pain of having the others removed.
  5. by   1TachyRN
    I had laser tattoo removal for a small tattoo on my hand. It felt like I was being snapped with a red hot rubber band. Much worse than any tattoo I've ever had.

    Also had laser hair removal on my face. I quit treatments when my upper lip got a little hyperpigmented. It looks like I have a shadow there all the time. Plus the hair grew back. Wasn't as painful as the tattoo removal, though.