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My daughter is still a baby, but I would never tell her to go to school to be a nurse RN. I want her to be happy and self sufficient in life. But in my dreams, I would love for her to be an... Read More

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    :and move out of the house while they still know everything."
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    Quote from Otessa
    Just look at the "Miracle on Ice" Olympic Team-most of them are now entrepreneurs or business men.
    That's the thing about hockey... it separates the men from the boys! I think there is only *one* guy from that entire team who didn't do something really spectacular with his life (and you forgot doctors... I think there were two from that team). Hockey is a LONG season and the game demands focus and work ethic, and those are qualities that will serve you well for the rest of your life no matter what your chosen profession.

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    Need an injury or after hockey plan (mom to 2 Mighty Mite players talking here....)
    Exactly... we know several current and former pro players, and we've seen career-ending injuries as well as the cumulative effects of years and years of concussions.

    And it totally grinds my gears when I see folks send their kid out on the ice with a $300 composite stick and a $50 helmet! My kid plays with a $30 wooden stick and a $600 mask (when a goalie) or a $12 wooden stick and a $150 helmet (when a skater). A properly functioning brain is a heck of a lot more important to me than an extra ounce of weight or less flex in his hockey/goalie stick!