Job Satisfaction Rating

  1. Hey, I'm wondering what the level of job satisfaction is of those of you reading this. If you feel like it, answer two really quick questions:

    1. What is your current level of job satisfaction on a scale of 1-10. I'd say a one means you are chomping at the bit to find greener pastures, dread going to work every day, hate it, hate it, hate it. About a 5, maybe you are wishing you were somewhere else, but wondering, "Is the grass always greener...?" Hate it some days, kind of like it other. A 10, you LOVE your job, no plans to leave, happy, happy to go to work every day. Etc, etc. You don't have to explain, just give a #.

    2. In what area of nursing are you working?

    Me: 6.5, cardiac surgery icu.
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  3. by   llg
    7.0 Staff development with some administrative responsibilities

  4. by   baseline
    7.5 Pneumonia Case Mgr.
  5. by   RN auditor
    9.5 Medical auditor in a hospital compliance department
  6. by   June55Baby
    Nursing background now working as Hospital Performance Improvement Coordinator
  7. by   RN-PA
    5. Hate it some days, kind of like it other.

  8. by   Reabock
    Med surg/peds
  9. by   KP RN
    7.5 home health.
  10. by   mccomet
    7.5 most of the time.
    New nurse
    CHF/medical telelmetry unit
  11. by   yodakelly
    Our combined average is just above a 7 so far- I didn't expect it to be that high.
  12. by   Allison P
    uaually about a 9


  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    overall 8-9. I make my schedule, work with great people and have loved OB so far.
  14. by   Dr. Kate
    This week about 4.5. But I'm tired and feel I am not contributing much to anything. I do computer based education and coordinate our new grad program.