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I have a question, I'm a newbie nurse with only 2 years of experience. So, I work at a med/surg tele floor. I was assigned a pt who was very well known to be an IVDU and frequent flier. Pt was POD 7... Read More

  1. by   FrostedCupCaitRN
    I actually made an account specifically to respond to this thread.
    First of all- Yes honey, you were extremely biased. You allowed your personal opinions on drug use to cloud your "clinical judgment" (which is severely lacking).
    2nd- Excuse my language, but it is non of your damn business what that patient does in her personal life. Everyone has a vice. Some people drink wine, some smoke cigarettes, some pop pills...whatever. Their life, not yours.
    3rd- You are not, I'm assuming, a physician. You are not a surgeon. You are not an addiction specialist. If a physician has ordered medications to be given, you give them. Unless the order is completely wrong. It is not up to you to decide what the patient needs or doesn't need.
    4th- Your job is to assess vital signs, pain included. If your patient says she was in pain, then she was. If her RR, HR and BP were normal and she was asymptomatic, there was absolutely no reason for you to alter the medication schedule that the DOCTOR ORDERED. None.

    You were 100% wrong. Use this as a learning experience and don't make the same mistake again. I'm not preaching from my high horse. I made that same mistake as a new nurse. And looking back, I feel terrible that I caused another human being unnecessary suffering. We should thank our lucky stars that pain medication exists. If we can alleviate the suffering of our fellow humans, that is what we should do!

    So please don't allow this to break your spirit. Just learn and make a better effort next time.

    5 years of ICU
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IVDU pt kept asking for pain meds. Managment kept saying to just give it to her.