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I am so incredibly frustrated with my job! I was told plenty while in school that nursing is NOT easy. I was told when we were learning proper procedures for skills, that you'd often hear nurses say... Read More

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    I understand.. I understand!! And after all that.. it STILL isn't good enough.
    Honey hang in there. Damn.. we've got to take a stand!!!
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    Remember nursing is 24 hrs so don't feel bad if you can't complete everything all the time and you must always prioritize. There are times when i have to tell the cna to wait until i am finished doing my current task. Unless it is an emergency, i try my best to stay on course because time will fly away before you know it. I would look for more employment if things do not get better to save your own sanity.
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    Quote from NocturneNrse
    I understand.. I understand!! And after all that.. it STILL isn't good enough.
    Honey hang in there. Damn.. we've got to take a stand!!!
    Where, where do we do this and how? The nursing explosion is imploding. Thousands of our nursing brothers and sisters are going through this exact thing. Working like licensed dogs, afraid of being fired at every turn due to managements brain washing, trying to cover your back with multiple knives pointed straight at it, drowning in a sea of insufferable injustice all at the same time just trying to stay alive thinking maybe, just maybe I will find something else soon before I just can't take it no more.

    Are all places like this ... pretty much. Sure you have your outliers but believe me they are few and far between. With so many of our RNs in similar situations it's hard to try to figure out what to do. CA has laws concerning nurse patient ratio but it doesn't apply to theses places as I understand it. The question would be why? Since it may come to pass that other states may adopt similar measures we need to figure out why the nurse ratio law in CA doesn't apply to all nurse patient ratio. I know someone knows so please enlighten me.
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    No, not all places are quite like that. Use whatever time and energy you can muster to find another gig. You are not damaged goods; you have survived the trenches (so far).

    Yes, management is waiting for something horrible to happen, and then they will blame you. It will go something like this: "This nurse did not perform her duties appropriately. All the other nurses do just fine. We had no idea she was having trouble. How are we supposed to know what no one tells us?" (This is how management responds when the inevitable happens in a poorly-run place; they throw the nurse under the bus.)

    They always need hospice nurses, somewhere. You have experience and you will be great.
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    start applying to other places. there are places that are slightly to a whole lot better. maybe acute care?
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    I have had "some" success with this at my facility. You need to keep track of your time. How much time is spent going what? Whose needs are not getting met? Number of minutes spent per resident. I did get extra staff when I presented this to the administrator. Good luck, you are in a very bad place.
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    This is exactly why I do not work LTC or in nursing homes anymore. I had 65 patients one night - and I did have two NAs - but they couldn't do all the meds, dressings, etc. That shift was the longest and most hellish of my career. My agency STILL calls me to work at these places but I will not go back now, ever.
    As someone said on another thread run the hell out of there. But saying that is easier said than done. We don't have your pyxis machines over where I am yet, but this lock out thing you talk of would drive me absolutely nuts.
    You are doing too much. Can u try to really delegate other duties? Perhaps - and this is NOT a criticism - you need to be a bit more aggressive in getting other workers to do more. You just cannot do everything yourself. I know there are only certain duties only the RNs can do, but even when someone has pain for example, and they are demanding medication now, you may have to re-prioritise & ask them to wait. And another thing I have seen in LTC places: the nurses etc get too close to the patients & families. This can create problems, ie: they see you as their personal nurse, not the RN in charge, so they become unintentionally perhaps, more demanding.
    Sorry, I can't offer any other advice. Your job sucks. You are being expected to do too much. Complain and if nothing happens, leave. Ask for an agency to be called in say at mealtimes for 4 hours when it's busy perhaps. I myself would leave (and I have left unsafe RN jobs in the past when I had no money either). I protect my license like gold & will not jeapordise it for anyone. This is why LTC etc has such a high turnover rate.
    Dust off the CV and get on the phone re other jobs. I myself would be doing that today.
    Good luck, let us know how u get on.

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