Is nursing a 24 hour job?

  1. Do you get upset/angry when the previous shift hasn't done something and hands it over for you to do? Or do you say "it's ok, nursing is a 24hr job, it'll get done eventually" (or something along those lines). I've seen some nurses get quite upset when the previous shift hasn't hung a new bag of fluids/ performed a dressing change and hands it over. Just wanted to know people's thoughts/hear stories.
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  3. by   KelRN215
    It depends on what wasn't done. I don't work in the hospital anymore but, when I did, I got most upset when something wasn't done AND it wasn't communicated that it wasn't done. I've found orders for stat CTs or CXRs ordered at 9am that were never signed off and never done 12 hrs later. That was rare though. PICC line dressing changes or cap changes that the day shift just didn't have time to get to? Those can be done just as easily on nights.
  4. by   dah doh
    Depends what it is...if its critical like a dry vasopressor bag, a missed stat order, or just plain laziness like the patient is lying in dried poop, then yes I'm unhappy! If you were busy because your admission crumped so you didn't finish the admit paperwork or do the daily dressing change on the other patient, then no, but just let me know what's left to do! I do get very frustrated when I'm stuck doing stuff that should have been done 2 weeks before but I have to do it prior to transfer or I get in trouble for it not being done.
  5. by   Caffeine_IV
    I do when it is things like blood products to be transfused and the order was written early in the day.

    They either don't transfuse or start it at 1830...right before end of shift. That happened to me multiple times. The previous nurse would say the blood isn't ready when actually it was.

    IV starts. At least try once versus leaving it for me.

    Beyond that I'm very flexible and understanding.
  6. by   lydzMtl
    Ohhh i get mad! Especally when i get in early see them siting at the station at 3 pm when they finish at 4 and then tell me they havent had time to change the dressings start the iv line give some medication they had ordered from the pharmacy and never received but the time stamp says its been delivered at noon... Ohhh i do get mad!!! I mean if you dont like your job just leave!!! There is allready so many things to do in one shift i dont need to get your sh*t transfered to my shift this felt good !
  7. by   Bringonthenight
    I agree with the above posts, I don't mind when its little things that get handed over, especially when you can tell the previous shift has just had the worst day ever and they are on the verge of tears. But if I come on and see people chatting/socializing and then tell me they didn't have time to do something- that's when I get upset. One of my goals in my shift is to set up the next shift so they can have minimally hectic day! Some people just don't seem to share that philosophy! Haha
  8. by   anotherone
    depends what it is. some of the people who get upset are just as lazy. if it is routine well get over it and do it. sometimes i have 10 6 am stat orders when the residents round. i do what i can. if you have to change the type of fluid running , get over it and change it . ( if ordered at 655 not at 1130) etc . it annoys me when stuff isnt done due to stupidity or laziness .