Intermediate Care Unit assessments - page 2

Was wanting some input from others who have experience in an Intermediate Care unit or step down unit. What I would like to know is how often are assessments done and vitals collected? I would also be interested in the staffing... Read More

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    We have a ratio of 3:1 both days and nights. We have a secretary most days, unless we have a low census. Depending on census, we will have a CNA or a resource RN, sometimes both (rarely). We do vital signs q2, urine output q4. Full assessment, we're actually in the process of figuring out policy, but at least twice a shift, however it's only charted once.

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    I used to do Progressive Care. We did vitals q4 unless they were on a cardiac monitor and drips. Assessments were twice a shift. Our ratios were usually 3:1 but sometimes 4:1. Our unit was divided into 2 teams/halls. We almost always had 1 secretary per hall. CNAs varied greatly. On nights, we had anywhere from 1 CNA per hall to none. Days often had 2+ per hall cuz they were expected to bathe everyone and change linens.

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