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Indiana RN salary

  1. 0 Can anyone give me an approximate salary for an RN in Indiana? I have a friend that wants me to go back to school and I'm wondering if it would increase my pay any. I've been kinda tossing the idea around of starting classes, just as a goal for the days when working the floor where I am is too tough on this old bird! :chuckle
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    Here is a great website:

    You are able to key in options for Health Care Practiioner ----> City and State or Zip Code ----> Staff RN and here is what I got for Spirngfield Ill. as an average, according to this group:

    A typical Staff Nurse - RN working in Illinois -- Springfield earns a median base salary of $44,233, according to our analysis of data reported by corporate HR departments. Half of the people in this job earn between $41,190 and $47,141.

    Data as of June 2002
    Base pay only 1 2 3

    Staff Nurse - RN 25th%ile Median 75th%ile
    Illinois -- Springfield $41,190 $44,233 $47,141

    Hope this helps!

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    I'm not sure how reliable this is. I checked it and 'boy howdy' it is way off for my area. According to this, it is ranging about double what is actually being made......
    Wish it were that good!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    at my hospital new grads are starting around $17-$18. if you want specifics, feel free to email
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    wow...i checked out that site too...Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off, even knowing that we are underpaid at our's more of a fantasy
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    I work as an RN in Indiana. My base salary is $20.11/hr and I have been an RN for 7 years.

    I think the base salary for a new nurse at my hosp. is around $16.60/hr.

    Hope this helps! Good luck in whatever you decide.

    Your pal in Indiana,

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    Come on up to Northern Maine. Currently I'm a 2 year experienced RN that I am making 19.00/hr. Our facility is soo short handed for RN's that I make DOUBLETIME for all overtime. Ratio's are that bad-difficult but bearable...
    All things considered- I love my job still.
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    I am completely astounded:imbar When I left New York State in 1984 my base salary (11yr R.N.) at that time was 40K. My W-2 for that year showed 55K I had approximately 500 hrs. overtime that year. I am currently working Agency Only and I expect to clear 75K this year. Now for the oddity, I live in a little town just south of Chattanooge, Tennessee. I am currently enjoying working a 13 week contract at a local hospital as well as working part-time at another facility(through another Agency) I have full benefits with the agency that I am working with, on the contract assignment. I believe these posts are a glaring example of how Nurses as a group are being treated and will continue to be treated as long as We as a group allow it. Our Professional Organizations have been duped into having to Justify why we should be better compensated, when the plain truth is jumping up and down screeming at Administration, "You are loosing Nurses through ignorance, restructure salaries and benefits so as to attract Nurses to return rather than looking at stop=gap measures, to replace them!" Or even worse control them by holding a hardline, against bettering their working conditions. This familiar theme is blowing up in their faces, laws are being passed to limit Nurse/Patient ratios, so that we may provide competent, safe, care for our patients and still Administrators are in denial that there is indeed a Nursing Shortage
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    Base salary is $16 something for a new grad...shif diff is $2.70 for eves, and $3.60 (I think) for nights. I work nights, have been an RN for 11 months, and I make $20/hr.
    I plan on going to an agency once I have a little more experience...
    Good luck!
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    Quote by Jay:

    I believe these posts are a glaring example of how Nurses as a group are being treated and will continue to be treated as long as We as a group allow it.

    I agree !00%

    B. (Agency Nurse)
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    Hey Beth Kelly-RN! If my husband could find a job there, we would be there in a heartbeat!!!!