If You Want To Be Part of the Solution

  1. Guys, I urge you to realize that you can be part of the solution.

    When you are consistently overworked, don't get breaks, are told by Management to magically produce more - and efficiently use same - towels, pillows, whatever - write to your Senators and Representatives, both state and federal.

    Make a habit of writing every day, every time something unreasonable or illegal happens, such as being told to clock out and then chart, or told to go to a meeting on your lunch break, or not getting paid for 9 hours on the night the daylight savings time ends.

    You can force changes if you will speak up.

    Thank you, my dear colleagues. We owe this to our patients, our loved ones, ourselves.
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  3. by   amoLucia
    And try to make it a legislator with a healthcare background, ie MD or nurse if possible. They'll understand better.
  4. by   chorkle

    You remind me of one of my favorite fast track doc's sayings--Are you part of the solution, or part of the solute?
  5. by   twinkerrs
    I couldn't agree more. Nurses have to step up and stop being martyrs. When there is no one agreeing to work off the clock the practice will stop. Do you think if something bad happens while you are working off the clock the hospital malpractice insurance is going to cover you? Not a chance in hell. When I was a paralegal I saw many nurses feet held to the fire in court when we were able to show they were off the clock when an incident occurred.

    It's your license and you have rights protect them both. And no I have never worked while off the clock my facility will not allow it. They make us take a lunch break because they had to pay because of a claim to the labor board about 5 years ago.